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What are the cosmetics processing type

by:Zanyu     2020-10-20
What types cosmetics what types processing processing, according to the different way, there will be a different classification. Cosmetics manufacturers can be processed products, in general, the type of colour makeup products, skin care products, facial mask, essential oil, wash protect products, etc. Cosmetics processing type, has the following several kinds of classification criteria: what types cosmetics processing a differentiated, depending on the type of products: cosmetics factory business types according to the product type can be divided into makeup machining, skin care products, facial mask processing, oil processing, wash protect products processing, etc. Series of products. Colour makeup machining have lipstick lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, powder, foundation, powder, etc. ; Skin care products processing has on the other hand cream, mask, and other products, the skin care products more strict to the requirement of cosmetics processing workshops; Processing including unilaterally, compound essential oil products; Wash protect product processing including shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, etc. Second, according to the customer type to distinguish: according to different customer types, processing types can be divided into many kinds of cosmetics. Electricity line customers generally produce cosmetic line of products; Beauty salon clients will entrust the professional line of cosmetics manufacturers products; Hotel customers need a lot of wash protect products, such as shampoo, shower gel, this kind of cosmetics processing is called the processing semi-finished products. Processing category: in general, cosmetics cosmetics semi-finished products processing, product processing, cosmetic line cosmetics machining, professional line of cosmetics. What types cosmetics machining partner cosmetics? To distinguish, depending on the type of product cosmetics processing is divided into: face film, clean skin, remove horniness, yuanye processing, massage, lotion, eye cream, special nursing, whitening, acne removing oil, moisture, prevent allergy, essential oil, compound essential oil, makeup, hair, bath beauty &skin care, essential oil washing, skin care and make-up classes. Differentiated according to the service object, cosmetics processing is divided into: wechat business product processing, electrical products processing, semi-finished processing, product processing, cosmetic line of cosmetics machining, professional line of cosmetics, etc.
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