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What are the effects of essential oils?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-24
The varieties of essential oils are very rich, and the methods of use are different. Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory takes lavender as an example to share a few tips with friends: Lavender is a very comprehensive essential oil, and its efficacy has been verified by a large number of clinical cases at least including : Analgesic, anti-spasm, anti-depression, antiseptic, anti-rheumatism, sedation, scar removal, sterilization and deodorization, diuresis, menstruation regulation, blood pressure balance, deworming, nerve stability, nourishing and strengthening the heart, refreshing, healing trauma, etc. There are many ways to use lavender, such as: 1. When washing clothes, when you pass the water for the last time, drop a few drops of lavender in the water to bring the fragrance of lavender to the clothes. 2. When you need sleep aid, you can put 1 drop of lavender on a cotton ball and place it under the pillow. The breath of lavender can help you fall asleep. 3. Drop lavender in pure water, shake it well, and spray it in the air to prevent mosquitoes to some extent. 4. If the skin is scalded by hot oil or has a small trauma, you can immediately use a cotton swab to drop 1 drop of lavender and apply the wound, which can sterilize, prevent infection and promote healing. There are too many examples of this. If other essential oils are used together, they can be combined into more compound essential oils and get more help in life. This is the wonderful feeling that essential oils and aromatherapy can bring us. . The main effects of rose oil are regulating endocrine, beautifying OEM skin care, relieving emotions, and antibacterial. However, rose oil should be used in an appropriate amount. If it is applied to the skin, it should be diluted appropriately. If it is overdone, it can easily damage the skin or cause other skin abnormalities. Therefore, essential oils also have some side effects, such as: 1. Allergies. Experts pointed out that the frequency of exposure to plant essential oils by beauticians is higher than that of general users, and the number of people with allergies is relatively large. Applying lipstick containing plant essential oils, using essential oil shower gels, or even fumigating essential oils may cause skin irritation. Generally speaking, daily products added with trace essential oils will not immediately cause obvious skin allergic reactions, and most of them are high-concentration pure essential oils that easily cause allergies. In addition, the users themselves have allergic skin and the use of low-quality essential oils are also important causes of allergies. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should have sufficient knowledge before purchasing and using essential oils, and make sure that they will not be allergic to these essential oils before using them, so as to avoid suffering from skin and flesh. 2. The skin is red and itchy, swollen for a long time, and even blisters. The use of essential oils is very diverse, including direct application, massage, bathing, sniffing and fumigation. If you don't use essential oils correctly, it may cause skin redness, itching, long-term swelling, and even blisters, but it's rare, as long as you choose and use essential oils correctly, you can avoid it. Precautions for using rose essential oil: 1. Undiluted essential oil should not directly touch the skin. 2. It is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with epilepsy, children or people with skin allergies. 3. Essential oils should not be taken orally. 4. Close the cap tightly and place it in a ventilated, cool and dark place. 5. Except for a few essential oils, such as lavender and tea tree, which can be directly applied to the skin, most other essential oils must be diluted or blended with base oils before they can be used, unless there are other special recommendations. 6. Do not expose to the sun within four hours after using citrus essential oils (such as bergamot, lemon, etc.) on your skin. 7. Essential oils cannot replace drugs. 8. Patients suffering from high and low blood pressure, epilepsy, nerve and kidney diseases should use caution, and it is best to consult an aroma therapist before use. 9. Please use the recommended amount. Excessive use will cause adverse effects and even cause excessive burden on the body. 10. Please avoid direct contact with children to avoid danger due to misuse. 11. Avoid using plastic, soluble or oil-painted surface containers. When diluting essential oils, use essential oil bottles, glass, stainless steel or ceramics. Those who need essential oils can be customized. Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory has a high-tech technical team, cosmetic oem u200bu200bprocessing plants, and mask oem manufacturers. For details, please call 15918819177.
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