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What are the preservatives in cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-28

so, below with net weaving look at have any preservatives in cosmetics.

1 methyl isopropyl thiazole moiety ketone

chlorine is a kind of no preservatives, can suppress the growth of germs, bacteria and yellow aspergillus. MIT in reasonable low concentrations can kill various germs, very applicable Chinese native medicine preparation of cosmetics and personal care goods storage, thus as efficient preservative is widely used in cosmetics and I care products.

in 2004, the European Community cosmetics and food science federation ( Now change to customer safety science research committee) For MIT as a preservative, can stay in the class and class used in cosmetics, cleaning and larger concentration of 0. 01%. On December 12, 2013, the institute after a risk factor for assessing the MIT again, stay issued the relevant class OEM cosmetics ( Contains colour makeup with wet paper towels) Stop using preservatives MIT proposed manufacturing industry, and proposed the cosmetics companies to stay in class disable preservatives in OEM cosmetics MIT as soon as possible.

2 phenoxy alcohol

also called phenoxyethanol, is common preservatives in cosmetics, cosmetics in the concentration of 0. Between 5% and 1%. Phenoxyethanol under moderate concentration can be harmful, will cause harm to the human brain and nervous system. The food and drug administration warned that phenoxyethanol will suppress central nervous system, causing the baby vomiting, diarrhea and dry off. Japan for its application in cosmetics concentration limit.

EPA ( The environmental protection bureau) Analysis of data table shows information, phenoxyethanol leads to sex chromosome and gene mutation, and testicular dysplasia, and leave the body affect the urinary system. With phenoxyethanol articles for daily use key: OEM skin care products, bath gel, weak perfume, moisturizing cream, lip balm, children living supplies, wet paper towels, eye drops, eye care liquid etc.

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