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What are the reasons for the popularity of cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-08
First of all, I will tell you the news that you saw on the Internet. This news allows you to analyze the reasons for the popularity of OEM cosmetics from the data. According to reports, a company conducted a survey on women’s awareness of cosmetic ingredients in a market research activity and announced the results. From March 17th to March 18th, the company conducted an online survey targeting women between 20 and 59 years old, and 500 valid answers were included. Thirty percent of women are using cosmetics containing plant ingredients. Regarding the question of what are the ingredients of the cosmetics they are currently using, besides those who don’t know, the number of people who answered plant ingredients is the largest, accounting for 20% of the total 9.6. If divided by age group, women in their 30s have a higher proportion of using this ingredient cosmetics, accounting for 34.4% of the total. Secondly, people who answered natural ingredients accounted for 19.6% of the total. Finally, those who answered the question of oil content accounted for 3.8% of the total.   But, what is the focus when buying cosmetics? The respondents who are concerned about cosmetic ingredients are the least, accounting for only 20.2% of the total. And the people who were concerned about effects and functions were the most, accounting for 63.4% of the total. Therefore, it can be seen that women hardly care about the source of cosmetic ingredients, but value its effects and functions.  Objectively speaking, OEM's production method should be a 'win-win' cooperation. An industry insider said that foreign cosmetics brands have strict procedures and requirements for selecting OEM factories, such as whether the plant equipment is advanced, whether the hygiene standards are up to Comprehensive factors such as whether the price is reasonable. The choice of international brands to cooperate with domestic cosmetics companies is of great help in improving the production level of domestic cosmetics. Some cosmetics manufacturers engaged in OEM said that in such cooperation, the companies have improved their personnel training and management. Foreign cosmetics companies choose Chinese companies as OEM partners to build processing plants in China to reduce labor costs, environmental costs, and auxiliary material costs. The price of labor in China is much lower than that of foreign countries. Many auxiliary materials and resources are used locally to reduce production costs. At the same time, environmental pollution is excluded from the country. Therefore, even if the raw materials are shipped to China, and then shipped back to the country for distribution and packaging and then exported to other parts of the world after production in China, the cost is much lower than that of domestic production. From another perspective, my country has also become a beneficiary of OEM. Foreign brands have very strict requirements for cosmetics production, transportation, quality inspection and many other aspects, and have hard standards for Ru0026D direction, quality system operation, and business division. Therefore, in addition to expensive processing fees, Chinese OEM cosmetics companies can also learn international advanced management experience and technology. Although it is only on behalf of processing at present, with these technologies and management experience, it can lay a solid foundation for the continuous creation of products with independent intellectual property rights in the future. More importantly, OEM has cultivated international-level cosmetics production for domestic cosmetics manufacturers. Talent. It should be said that OEM production has brought my country's cosmetics production into line with international standards. For a long time, the competitive pressure of my country's cosmetics companies has mainly come from product homogeneity. Due to the serious shortage of product research and development, production investment and production capacity, enterprises can only engage in low-level vicious competition, and OEM has enabled many domestic cosmetics manufacturers that lack independent innovation capabilities to see a new way out. Therefore, the domestically produced words of OEMs will enable our domestic enterprises to make money while driving our domestic consumer groups and promoting the improvement of our domestic OEM cosmetics production technology.
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