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What are the sources of cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-04

hi, everybody good! ~ here is everyone's consultant.

I was a student group, often also referred to as 'XX with big factory' to put it bluntly 'low price substitute' crazy shopping. Now know after manufacturing industry insider, think IQ is indeed made many tax! ! So today must be Shared with my little cute of a little-known secret, in the usual guys spend less confused with money! ! Whether how originally didn't want to buy, suddenly a think the price is affordable, if not buy lost? If the little cute meet here feel said that is to say, today's article inconvenience watched con word hard to fall, is full of knowledge points. ! ! ( Want to careless immediately to the final a summary on the knowledge points)

I can easy to understand language as much as possible to give the little cute said to clear up this problem, the natural first that will be easy to grasp the OEM cosmetics ( Type guys than I grasp clearly, the key to say down channel)

。 1 brand side on their own production

brand production itself are better understood, from raw materials, formulation, use technology and so on, is developed by the company, the control, the product itself does not generally appear problem, after all people for their own brand reputation is more important, Or shooting themselves in the foot, very ugly)

。 2 foundries producing

the contract of the second type is to look for can cooperation, such as raw materials, formula and technology provided by brand, cooperation factory only do processing work ( Of course this is not absolute, actual situation depends on the brand specific contract and contract to decide)

if it is said that the core of the brand side formula and technology must face the risk of leak? The contract can obtain interest? Just want to say, the little cute can think of, the brand side can also think of ~

before formal cooperation, brand party usually sign confidentiality agreement with cooperation contract, regardless of whether things are so good after hard developed time, before the cooperation, of course, also will slowly, continuously to build trust, in this way can actually to lay a good foundation for the subsequent continuous cooperation! Is also uphold the company strength and stability of foundry production ~

our many years of 'natural' perseverance, commitment to the broad masses of customers to provide ODM/OEM/OBM service we, from the technical standard, manufacture standard to brand standards, pursuit. Specializes in cosmetic research, development, production, sales and OEM generation of processing is a body comprehensive large-scale enterprises, providing customers with a full range of all kinds of beauty, OEM skin care, hair care, washing, and other products production and processing services.

The importance of personal care factory has increased as beauty and personal care have become a must in our daily life.
Our mission is to operate the best specialty retail business in domestic, regardless of the product we sell. Because the product we sell is personal care factory, our aspirations must be consistent with the promise and the ideals of the volumes which line our manufacture.
personal care factory has its grasp on oversees market also and has a very good repute.
Guangzhou Zanyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.’s model also predicts (i) a positive effect of management on firm performance; (ii) a positive relationship between product market competition and average management quality (part of which stems from the larger covariance between management with firm size as competition strengthens); and (iii) a rise (fall) in the level (dispersion) of management with firm age.
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