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What are the taboos pregnant women skin care?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-10
Along with the development of science and technology and increasingly liberal pregnancy skin care concept, many pregnant mother will choose pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste in daily skin repair and care. As is known to all, general skin care products on the market is not suitable for pregnant mothers. Want to mild OEM skin care during pregnancy, pregnant mother should be how to choose suitable for pregnant women to protect skin to taste. 1, the composition of transparency. In view of the pregnant mother the sensitivity of the skin, all of the ingredients in the skin care products must be marked out, in order to offer consumers of discrimination. If quasi mummy found to have skin care products can't public components, so it is a good brand also won't be able to choose. 2, composition of nature. Mums-to-be choose skin care products, all kinds of organic ingredients must be nature. If in which contain harmful chemicals, easy to cause skin allergy of the pregnant mother, may even penetrates through the skin into the placenta and affect fetal development. 3, quietly elegant taste. If protect skin to taste, the composition is belong to the nature of the organic and natural products also belong to the nature of pure and fresh quietly elegant taste, is beneficial to relieve maternal heart pressure. To protect skin to taste a kind of strong smell, quasi mummy to put an end to use. Some pregnant mother to normal skin care products of potential danger, careless use effect is strong, contain harmful substance to protect skin to taste, is eventually lead to fetal development, causing malformations, miscarriage and other tragedies. during pregnancy, pregnant mother shall conform to the choice of the above three principles to protect skin to taste, to guarantee under the premise of maternal and child health, realize effective repair of muscle of pregnancy.
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