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What are the tips of choose and buy hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-15

Hand sanitizer is often used in sanitary products, but you know, the unreasonable use of hand sanitizer will also has a harmful effect on health, so everyone should learn how to use hand sanitizer, which aspects should be paid attention to when buying. Hand sanitizer when the choose and buy should pay attention to? Want to how to choose and buy? The choose and buy of hand sanitizer introduces for you below small make up skill.

the choose and buy of hand sanitizer skills 1, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer, namely 'liquid soap', is the main detergent on composition, use a method similar to soap, only play the role of clean decontamination

2, the second type of antibacterial hand sanitizer, belong to product of disinfection, is on the basis of common hand sanitizer to join some antibacterial or antiseptic, can kill ordinary washing to remove not to drop and the bacteria in the skin folds, guarantee the washing effect, suitable for infectious diseases epidemic season, or go to a hospital, Internet cafes, supermarkets, buses and other public places, in contact with the handles, buttons and other public goods that may contain bacteria after using the

3, the third class to avoid washing liquid soap, disinfectant and skin care ingredients such as main component is alcohol, also belong to disinfection products, its use characteristic is don't need water to wash their hands, directly apply proper amount of hand sanitizer rub 1 ~ 3 minutes to achieve sterilization effect, especially suitable for travel, outdoor and other places.

how to choose the hand sanitizer to pay attention to the following

1, 3 kinds of hand sanitizer from appearance look very similar, almost no difference, but by looking at the product hygiene license and description on the label is easy to differentiate between the three. Ordinary hand sanitizer with cosmetics hygiene license for production enterprises, for the 'makeup' approved by the state, the other two kinds of hand sanitizer are marked with disinfection products hygiene license for production enterprises, as 'the word'.

2, pay attention to the content that hand sanitizer itself, smell stink, pungent odor, etc. If you have could be a shelf-life disabled or is the use of the raw material, it is best not to buy and use.

3, how to choose the hand sanitizer should see mark whether complete, such as presence of producer name and address, paying special attention to whether there is a standard number. Although the hand sanitizer, there is no unified national standards, but the country does not allow no standard production, so the production enterprises to develop enterprise standards, and note the enterprise standard on the packaging, to ensure product quality.

4, no matter which kind of liquid soap, it is best to run out in the period of validity, especially ordinary hand sanitizer, if used for a long time, hand sanitizer itself can grow bacteria and lead to 'the wash the dirty' to wash your hands.

5, observing presence of layered or oil-water separation phenomenon, if you have any suggests that emulsifying process without good control during the production, will affect the washing effect.
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