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What are the types with hand sanitizer every day?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-13
Many families and public places can use hand sanitizer, it can effectively remove stains and bacteria, prevent the happening of the multitude of infectious diseases.

relative to the soap, hand sanitizer, composition, which is convenient to use diversity, different function, is not easily affected by environmental natural loss, also can avoid cross contamination. Therefore, gradually replaced the soap, hand sanitizer products has become an important option for the people to clean hands.

but in the face of wide variety of products on the market, will you carry presbyopia? Use was not fully play its role, don't waste your money?
hand sanitizer products sold, generally can be divided into two broad categories:

ordinary hand sanitizer

belongs to ordinary cosmetics, must set up a file in the drug administration, the health safety indexes such as microorganisms, such as heavy metals and toxicology indexes should comply with the 'cosmetic safety technical specifications' ( The 2015 version) Requirements.

this kind of product is only used to clean the skin of the hand, can't claim the special function, such as sterilization, antibacterial, cure diseases, etc. The main components in addition to water, hand sanitizer usually add surfactant with clean decontamination functions, some brands will also add some moisturizing, moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerine, plant extracts, vitamin C, etc.

/ resistance antibacterial hand sanitizer

belong to the second category of disinfection products, pre-ipo shall evaluate health and safety and the health committee at the provincial level for the record, the hygiene indexes such as microbial indicators, bacteriostatic effect and skin irritation and toxicology indexes should comply with the health standard for disposable hygiene products ( 2002). Requirements.

this kind of product besides can clean hand skin, there are certain sterilization and bacteriostasis. Including antibacterial hand sanitizer requirements on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, the sterilization rate of 90% or higher, antibacterial hand sanitizer requirements of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of 50% or higher. Common resistance/bacteriostatic composition are: quaternary ammonium salt, chlorhexidine, DP300, plant composition, etc.

apart from the above two kinds of products, there is a relatively easy to confuse the product - — Hand disinfectant. It can kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms in the hands, generally have no cleaning action, hand disinfection for medical workers and more specific populations.
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