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What cosmetic milk and cream

by:Zanyu     2020-10-22
Milk and cream cosmetics most brands of skin care products have what are the differences between emulsion and cream to two different types, both on the quality of a material, composition and usage are distinguished. As zhuhai nissin below small make up to see what is the difference between milk and cream. 1, components on different, emulsion water more, more cream oil; 2, different state, emulsion liquid, cream paste; 3, apply different season, the emulsion is suitable for use in summer, and cream suitable for early autumn winter; 4, main effect is different, latex main effect is wet, moisten, main effect is compensatory nutrition, lock the moisture; 5, absorption rate, generally the emulsion to absorb a bit faster, cream absorbed slowly; 6, applicable people different, emulsion used for oily skin people, cream is suitable for dry or normal skin; Know the differences of milk and cream, when choosing emulsion and cream must see clear is for what type of skin, such as emulsion although than face cream loose some, half liquid state, but also has a high fat and low fat two kinds, in addition to see the product description, also can be in hand back to try out the grease of high and low, if apply soon absorbed clean words is a sign that is low-fat, suitable for combination and oily skin, if after besmear more or less some luster, the grease content is higher, suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Lotions and creams, on the whole, can also according to the type of skin moist model and model, but in general slant oily skin should choose model emulsion, dry skin should choose moisturizing lotion or cream, different seasons also need to choose a different face cream and emulsion, autumn and winter dry, should choose some product, wet summer, you will need to choose relatively cleaner lotions and creams.
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