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What cosmetics OEM factory dust-free workshop is defined?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-05

with the sustainable development of chemical industry, cosmetics brand is also more and more, in order to give the reduce production of well-known brands, OEM cosmetics is beyond words, in order to into production must, cosmetics OEM manufacturers of the total, but according to the company nationwide GMPC standard heard that only a few hundred, but got a rare one of GMPC validation OEM cosmetics OEM processing plants. And part of the project acceptance specification of GMPC is related to the provisions of the clean clean, then clean clean room equipment is what? Level and GMPC10 thousand and represent what mean? Take a look at below.

clean dust-free workshop

dust-free workshop is also called the purification workshop, clean rooms, 洁净室) , clean room, is refers to a range of interior space of the dust particles in the air, harm of air pollutants, such as air, bacteria, and the room temperature, cleanliness, the room of the working pressure, the cyclone speed cyclone throughout, noise, vibration and lighting lamps and lanterns, electrostatic induction manipulation in the range of a certain requirements, and give the design plan of the house very much. Also is no matter how external air standards change, its in one room can keep the original set of cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure characteristics of characteristics.

the implications of grade 10000 GMPC dust-free workshop is cleanliness GMPC regulation of production workshop, in plain English is refers to a level 10000 feet of interior space content xu entities of 0. 5 microns within the number of dust particles in 100000, a deduction, is refers to a level 30000 feet of interior space to allow being 0. 5 within 300000 microns of dust particles.

triple filter purification workshop system software key by the early, middle and high level 3 air purification of household central air conditioning ventilation air supply and exhaust air; Driving force and lighting control system; Work in air quality parameters detection alarm fire safety and communication system; Abortion and logistics management system; Machining process piping system software; Maintenance structure and electrostatic induction surface decoration and so on various aspects of content, air purification system included all the machinery, equipment and automation control equipment facilities and engineering construction.

air shower for manipulation of environmental sanitation cleanliness in clean room, in the daily dynamic conditions, larger germs and dust placing signage at the operators, as companies into the clean room, be sure to use clean air shower its clothes pants surface adhesion of dust particles, and has the effect of damper.

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