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What is a mask OEM?

by:Zanyu     2021-04-21
What is a mask OEM, and what is the difference between a mask OEM and an ODM? I believe everyone will be confused about this point. In fact, in today's industry, DGA is not used to it. Industries such as Apple and OEM cosmetics are very common in OEMs. To understand mask OEM, start with the essence of OEM.  OEM is commonly known as OEM. If OEM is nothing new in the clothing industry, luggage, footwear, and electrical appliances industry, then OBM and ODM are almost commonplace in the OEM cosmetics industry. The essential difference between OEM and OBM and ODM lies in the fact that, for example: Party A is interested in Party B’s products and let Party B produce it, using Party A’s trademark. For Party A, this is called ODM; Party A comes with For technology and design, let Party B process it, which is called OEM; for Party B, it is only responsible for producing and processing other people's products, and then affixing other people's trademarks, which is called OBM. This model has flooded the entire market, especially the production volume of the brand, due to geographical location, staffing and technology can not adapt to large-scale product upgrades, so the processing factory is entrusted to process, as long as the entrusting party has a good quality control of the final product. , The initial client has excellent production and processing technology, and there is no cutting corners. This model is more conducive to product development.  In fact, many domestic retailers are using OEM. Many products of facial mask oem manufacturers are exclusively distributed. Taking silk facial mask as an example, its unique micro-molecular structure quickly penetrates the skin, promotes collagen regeneration and acidification of the epidermal skin, constricts pores, and has skin tightening, lifting, and reducing Cellulite, the epidermal muscles tighten, make loose skin firmer, and improve skin's luster and elasticity. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) method is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the rapidly developing information industry. For example, according to statistics from the world’s authoritative statistical agency IDG (International Data Group), more than 95% of the hard drives used by global personal computer manufacturers are provided by three major hard drive suppliers, Seagate, Quantum, and Western Digital, as OEMs. The reason why it can be widely used is that he has adapted to the needs of the new competitive situation brought about by the rapid development of global science and technology after entering the 1990s. The OEM method adapts to the development of this new situation with its flexible and effective management characteristics, so it can be widely used.
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