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What is free hand washing detergent ingredients? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-09
Free hand washing detergent is medical staff a common cleaning and disinfection products, there will be equipped with some family, so what is the free hand washing detergent ingredients? What is free hand washing detergent ingredients? Free hand washing detergent is a common disinfection products, its main ingredients are mainly the following: 1, ethanol. Its role is largely sterilization, depending on the product, which contains the ethanol concentration is different also. 2, acetic acid chloride is set. Role is sanitizer, can dissolve in ethanol, can inhibit most gram-negative bacteria and gram positive bacteria. 3, silver nitrate. With acetic acid chloride is similar, are disinfection disinfectant; 4, medicinal glycerin. Moisturizing factor; 5, a shrinkage dipropylene glycol. Moisturizing factor; 6, sorbitan monostearate, surfactant; 7, polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acid ester. The surfactant; 8, pigment. Toner. 9, essence, flavouring agent. Free hand washing detergent advantages: 1, free water to wash, clean easily. 2, the effect lasts longer, can take up to 4 - 5 hours, the longest can reach 6 hours. 3, have certain moisturizing skin care function, can prevent peeling of hand skin weather-shack. 4, which contain a variety of disinfection sterilization, can kill and inhibit most of the bacteria, suitable for multiple sites. Avoid the disadvantages of hand washing detergent: 1, free hand washing detergent containing alcohol, if use for a long time, or in the case of damage to the skin has used, will cause certain stimulation to the skin, so proposal at ordinary times at home with ordinary hand sanitizer. 2, free hand washing detergent can only play a role in inhibiting bacteria, but when the hand skin have residual dust, particle, dirt, etc. , without washing, if only from a decontamination venom is difficult to clean. Free hand washing disinfectant used methods/steps: 1, take proper amount of free detergent to wash your hands in the palm, fingers of one hand rub in the palm. 2, use detergent to wash your hands free ring of forearm daub on the other hand, about 1/2 to the forearm. 3, in your other hand to take the first two of the same approach. 4, again the right amount of free detergent to wash your hands in the palm, palm relative, fingers together and rub each other. 5, then a palm on the other hand along the fingers rub each other and exchange for hands. 6, two hands, arms crossed fingers rub each other. 7, the last bend finger joints in another palm knead, rotating hands exchange, until free hand washing detergent to absorb. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: free detergent to wash your hands
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