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What is hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-29

liquid soap to wash your hands is also called the dew, is a kind of clean hand skin cleaning fluid, some specific ingredients can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, can be divided into the common hand sanitizer, disinfection liquid soap, heavy oil hand sanitizer. In the chemistry of hand sanitizer may stimulate the hand skin easy to people who are allergic to the skin is not suitable for use, suggested after washing hand cream, the general situation is harmless.

the purpose of hand washing hands stains and bacteria is to be removed, so the washing net force is the first thing to consider, but wash and skim force is proportional to the net force, excellent detergency is accompanied by a strong degreasing effect, no stimulation should choose moderate performance of surfactant; Rich foam, lasting and rinse sex, is an important indicator of hand sanitizer product quality, rich of foam durable easy to wash, can provide users to wash his hands without the burden of relaxed experience, therefore in formula design should focus on foaming and foam stability and easy to wash; Bacteria, which can be removed is the key to hand washing can be truly clean, as hand sanitizer is mainly used in the cause of the public.

the daily activities of a lot of people is done through the two hands, contact various thing, sticky stains are diverse, so wash your hands is people daily sanitation clean frequency occur most often in the life. Therefore, the hand washing product emerges as The Times require. The restriction of the living conditions and the market, people used to wash their hands often with soap, soap and laundry detergent, although they can achieve a clean wash effect, but can irritate the skin, use for a long time, can lead to some rough skin, cracked and peeling. Hand made for a second face on the human body, people especially women are more willing to pay for curing her efforts. Hand sanitizer as dedicated to wash your hands clean and care products, with the progress of technology, a new type of surfactant, additives and applications of mild, natural kill agent, using pump bottle packaging, lets hand sanitizer 'moist, and sterilization' special function; 'Pump use, prevent cross infection' way of using 'more fashion' liquid washing, the buy the consumer groups, quickly recognized by consumers, as an alternative to traditional washing supplies, it has become a development trend of hand washing cleaning and care products.

using the method of hand sanitizer with clear water full moisture hands first, apply adequate amount to the hand sanitizer fully knead in the palm hands at least 30 seconds, in the process should pay attention to rub to the fingers, fingers, and let each part of the foam can cover the whole hand, knead after rinse clean with water. Finally, pay attention to the dry with a clean towel or paper towel to dry, it is best not to dry, because the surface water of rapid evaporation can lead to skin water loss, caused by dry skin, become coarse. Today, many public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, toilet bathroom provides free hand sanitizer, convenience also make people question: these free hand sanitizer can harm the skin? In fact, even the namesake fizzy home buying hand sanitizer may appear bacteria, such as poor emulsification effect quality problems.
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