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What is OEM production of cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-27
In the cosmetics industry, there are many professional terms that everyone does not understand when encountering various problems, such as how to distinguish between cosmetic OEM and trademark use rights. Now, let’s follow the Guangzhou cosmetics factory to learn about it! But I want to first popularize what is OEM cosmetics production, because only when we know what OEM production is, can we do a good job in selling cosmetics. OEM of cosmetics was first popular in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It is an effective way for international companies to reduce production costs and increase the added value of their brands. OEM means original equipment manufacturer, which means that the producer who owns the famous brand is responsible for designing and developing the product with the key core technology that he has mastered, and at the same time controlling the sales channel, in order to increase the output and sales of the product, reduce the risk of new production line or In order to win market time, we entrust other manufacturers of similar products with production qualifications and capabilities to produce through contract orders, and directly affix their own brand trademarks. The domestic custom is called cooperative production and processing. However, compared with OEM production of cosmetics, the right to use trademarks is another concept. If you want to continue to understand the concept of trademark use rights, which is what we often say about the use of the three certificates, the problem with the use of our company’s three certificates is that the company has the qualifications of the legal cosmetics three certificates for product formula, raw materials, production For customers who are completed by our company, we provide them for free. But for customers who only use our company’s three certificates, we can also accept them, but we have to charge a fee of 5000/year, provided that the cooperative company has a business license for ingredients and packaging racks. These three certificates prove the legality of the product. Our company Can provide three certificates. OEM plus process products are products that are in urgent need of the market 1. Brand positioning 2. Brand planning 3. Product structure 4. Brand copywriting 5. Brand trademark design registration 6. Brand product packaging design and sales aid design 7. Packaging materials, boxes , Labels, manuals, plastic film, and sales assistance items purchase printing production 8. All the packaging materials needed for processing are sent to the Daao warehouse and then waiting for production 9. Semi-finished products emulsification 10, packaging materials disinfection 11, semi-finished products filling 12. Packaging, coding and plasticizing 13, customer acceptance of the product 14, clearing the payment, picking up the goods and leaving the factory. This is my simplest and direct understanding of the oem process of cosmetics. Nowadays, the trend of OEM cosmetics globalization has become more and more obvious. If we want to make OEM cosmetics, we must first have a certain understanding of cosmetics, so that when we make cosmetics, we can know the trend of cosmetics and respond to the market correctly and quickly. The change. I hope that what I said today can help you all.
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