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What is pregnant woman skin care steps?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-07
During pregnancy should pay attention to diet, sleep, clothing and other issues, the purpose is to give birth to a healthy baby. At this time of pregnant women can't like before with a lot of high-end OEM cosmetics for skin care. Actually pregnant women skin care steps is very simple, this kind can learn OEM skin care knowledge how to miss? Whether it's for yourself or for others to learn!
the pregnant woman OEM skin care
the first step introduction, stop losing weight is a OEM skin care

beauty MM is like losing weight, reduce weight a strong desire for pregnancy, but for the baby's skin healthy and perfect prohibit excessive weight loss. Because of the sudden increase or decrease of amount of body fat, is a very important cause of destruction of hormonal balance. If fat content is lower than 18%, the secretion of estrogen decreases, this will not only lead to irregular menstruation, reduced bone mineral density. During pregnancy or lactation, can cause hair loss, teeth become fragile, also can become susceptible to osteoporosis after menopause. You must drink milk nutrition during pregnancy, make skin water tender.

the second pregnancy to white

although we cannot be used during pregnancy OEM cosmetics and skin care products, but we can use some beautiful white product to prevent before pregnancy spots. If fear whitening products may cause skin irritation, achieve the effect of whitening skin through nutrition is good. Because a lot of people can appear pregnancy skin problems such as spots, acne, can make the skin white as usual in advance.

the third, a healthy diet habit

must stay light diet during pregnancy, must not to let the baby to absorb more nutrients and fill, fill, in addition, salt, MSG, sugar, pepper and other spices to use less, use less sweet and sour, Fried cooking method, etc. Cucumber, tomatoes, and crude fiber vegetables must eat every day, so that not only can supplement moisture and nutrition, required in the human body also has beauty to raise colour effect.

4, taking vitamin C

if you notice the color of your skin during pregnancy began to grow dark, but it can't use protect skin to taste, after five to six months pregnant start using vitamin C, because it can help prevent pregnancy spots on her face. Antioxidant vitamin C nutrition absorption has many beneficial effects on the fetus.

5, make hair care

very strong feeling of pregnant women during pregnancy is the hair is easy to fall off, this is because most nutrition is absorbed by the fetus in pregnant women, and women's hair can't get proper nutrition, therefore, must also be hair care during pregnancy.

6, essential oil fragrance step-down

pregnant women during pregnancy, even smell also should pay attention to, especially those that can cause allergic and even the smell of the skid. But not all of the smell of the pregnant women are restricted. Pregnant women can take advantage of the fragrance of essential oil to relieve their pressure, smell the fragrance of essential oils and conducive to production run smoothly. However, in the fetal organ formation of 6 - During the 10 weeks, strictly forbids the use of essential oils.

7, to give up smoking and drinking early

many women before pregnancy is very like smoking and drinking, it is harmful to both the normal development of the fetus. If you want to have a healthy baby, to give up smoking and drinking before pregnancy. This will help you to lay the foundation for future perfect skin.
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