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What is the cause of greasy skin in summer and what to do with greasy skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-26
I believe many people have experienced it in summer, especially pregnant moms, sweating a lot, and it’s more common to have a shiny face in summer, so have you found a solution? If not, it will be delivered to you today. Reasons for greasy skin of pregnant women in summer:   During pregnancy, due to the drastic changes in hormones during pregnancy, the subcutaneous fat thickens significantly, and the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands increases. These will lead to the strong secretion of facial oil and make the skin extremely greasy, especially in the T-shaped area. . The skin secretes a lot of oil and is not refreshing. It is easy to absorb impurities and dust in the air. If it cannot be cleaned up in time, it will easily clog pores, breed bacteria, and cause inflammation, acne, allergies and other problems.   How can pregnant women break greasy skin? 1. Internal adjustment As the saying goes, internal adjustment and external nourishment. To solve the problem of greasy skin, you need to start with lifestyle habits such as diet and sleep, such as maintaining a light diet and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals; second, drink more Water to keep the body hydrated. Go to bed early, get up early, exercise more and so on.  Second, external care    The external care mentioned here is mainly through the effect of OEM skin care products to keep the skin's water and oil content in a balanced state. The most basic method is to clean, moisturize, and sunscreen. Skin is clean, you don’t need to wash your face several times. This is a mistake that many girls make in summer. Normally twice a day is enough. Frequent washing of the face may also damage the stratum corneum and cause skin moisture loss, thereby producing more Oil protects the skin from external damage.   Moisturizing, in fact, this is a simple and effective way to control oil with water. It is highly praised by many OEM skin care experts. The most common ones are toners, wet compresses or facial masks. Fill the skin with moisture, thereby inhibiting greasy secretion. Studies have shown that if the surface temperature of the skin rises, the secretion of oil will increase. This is why the skin will continue to produce oil after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Therefore, pregnant mothers not only do a good job of moisturizing the skin, but also reasonably isolate and protect the skin In a natural and comfortable state of isolation.
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