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What is the effect of bamboo charcoal soap?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-27
The function of bamboo charcoal soap rely on his own super adsorption force, plus soap itself characteristics, combined with zhi, the effect of sterilization, relieving itching, exfoliating. Often use, can absorb sebum and skin metabolism, improve skin bright and clean degree, make the skin keep a good state. Especially in allergic and inflammatory skin use, no chemical composition cause symptoms worse. The effect of the bamboo charcoal soaps mainly bamboo charcoal itself a function. Decomposition, bamboo charcoal with super adsorption force can deeply clean pore dirt, rich in minerals into cells of bamboo charcoal, effectively restore cell activity and normal hair follicles. Add bamboo charcoal powder decontamination soap with strong adsorption ability to remove skin dirt and facial grease, soften cutin layer. Negative ions and far infrared effects can promote blood circulation of skin, make skin moist. Extended information: bamboo charcoal products is a kind of novel products, high quality bamboo raw materials derived from township. Bamboo charcoal fairly extensive USES. With bamboo charcoal as fuel, it sends out the faint scent of fragrance can make full chamber, refreshing smell. The dosage of bamboo charcoal not only easy to burn, and save. Except for fuel, bamboo charcoal can be widely used in food cooking, baking, storage and preservation. When cooking rice in a bamboo charcoal, can protect its nutrient composition is not easy to loss, rice is sweet soft and tasty; Put bamboo charcoal in the refrigerator, can remove peculiar smell, to prevent food spoilage, extend the freshness of food; Fried food, into a small bamboo charcoal, not only saves gas, oil and can guarantee the same; With its stewed food, can make the food quickly tender. Picture is just sample, accept product customization, if need to customize please contact VIP service hotline endorsed the company has a variety of patent components, raw materials base to choose from. All products can be customized branded as required, free proofing, proxy record filing and inspection, such as one-stop service, lets you easily have its own brand. For details, please inquire product information service: protect skin to taste, of OEM brand OEM cosmetics processing, mask OEM, youth freeze liquid OEM processing, skin suit the main customer base of OEM brand: cosmetic stores, brands, cosmetics dealers, agents, wechat business, broadcast, etc. Tags: bamboo charcoal soap
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