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What is the original solution? And how the original liquid works during the operation of the beauty salon

by:Zanyu     2021-07-02
The so-called original liquid is a high-purity liquid that is directly extracted from pure natural plants and has its curative effect. It is the mother of all concentrated essences. It absorbs the essence of the sky, the earth, and the essence of all things. Note: There are many high-concentration essences that borrow the product name of the original liquid, which is not actually the original plant liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the categories. The original liquid is a high-purity plant essence. Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory uses advanced supercritical extraction technology to extract high-purity single-component water-based plant essences from plants containing specific ingredients. Developed according to the latest skin absorption theory:   a. The original flavor, no additives, the effect is several times more than ordinary creams, without artificial coloring, synthetic flavors and fragrances and surfactants, the effect is more comprehensive;   b. Individuality, It can be freely matched to maximize the realization of tailor-made;   c. The natural plant liquid is very new and trend-setting on the market;   d. The effect is clear: rich in active ingredients extracted from natural plants that have real curative effects Extracts. e. Pertinence, strong permeability, more significant and long-lasting effect; The essence of the original liquid is greater than the influence of 3 bottles of essence, the essence is in accordance with the composition of the ingredients, is artificially formulated, and the original is an ingredient that is directly derived from plants When the extracted water-soluble nutrients of the original liquid enter and exit the skin cells, there are special entrances and exits. This entrance is called the water channel and this water channel is sent to the skin by the biological water channel protein that constitutes the cell. Different liquids can improve the skin for different skin problems, such as: azalea liquid (removing acne marks and oil), hyaluronic acid liquid (moisturizing), strawberry acid whitening and freckle liquid (whitening and freckle), hexapeptide wrinkle and whitening liquid (Wrinkle-removing and whitening), anti-acne anti-allergic solution (acne-reducing anti-allergic), polysaccharide solution (rehydrating), botulinum solution (wrinkle removal), firming and lifting solution (tightening), ribonucleic acid shrinking solution (pore shrinkage) , Peptide stock solution (anti-aging) and so on. When using it, drop the original liquid onto the tiger’s mouth (between the thumb and forefinger), and then apply it to the face with your fingers. Because the tiger’s mouth is one of the places with the lowest body temperature, the higher the temperature, the fastest absorption of the original liquid, so don’t use the palm of your hand. If the temperature of the palm is high, the original liquid will be easily absorbed and pulled by the palm of your hand! After cleansing, take 2-3 drops and gently massage from the center of the face to both sides until absorbed. The order of use of the original solution is: cleansing-toner-original solution (full face)-cream or lotion. So how should the Yaxin Anna Original Liquid Kit be operated in the process of using it in a beauty salon? Would it be better to operate with an instrument? 1. The survival rate of beauty salons that only use manual operation services is only 9.6%, while the survival rate of beauty salons that have introduced high-tech beauty equipment items is as high as 86.6%, and the difference in survival rate between the two is 77%. 2. Profit ratio of beauty items: breast and body shaping items accounted for 32.8%, spot whitening items accounted for 27.2%, basic care items accounted for 21%, SPA water replenishment items accounted for 15%, and other items accounted for 4%. 3. The order of priority for the beauty salons to introduce beauty equipment items is: breast and body shaping, spot whitening, intelligent physiotherapy, wrinkle removal, hydration, foot therapy, photorejuvenation, and other items. 4. The ways and ratios of beauty salons changing their operating conditions: introducing high-tech beauty equipment (42.6%), promoting sales, profit distribution, increasing costs (37.4%), introducing high-end talents, and increasing store management (12.7%) ), increase service intensity (6.4%). Through research and comparison, Yaxin Anna's board of directors unanimously decided to spend a huge amount of money to improve the infrastructure construction of domestic beauty salons, and increase team service capabilities, and commit to a new start in domestic beauty business.
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