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What is the solution security disposable export disinfection liquid soap?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-01
What is the solution security disposable export disinfection liquid soap? Spray disinfectant alcohol, alcohol, disposable gel hand sanitizer, how safe it is a test to solve the hand sanitizer export freight forwarders people problems. As is known to all, more than 75% of the alcohol hand sanitizer is dangerous goods, how do we select hand sanitizer export declaration by air or by sea, or delivery? Hand sanitizer pay for export by air or by sea? Global outbreak has affected the transportation supply chain link, all because of the outbreak is variable, we want to education customers, with the foreign customers and epidemic prevention materials quotation, shipping and product ex-factory price must separate, shipping less so much, every day, who are now not sure air freight price and time that day, and if we don't education customers, truth is that education market is bound to us now. Customer said the air freight price is expensive than beef, but now the market rate is in fact is more precious than masks or hand sanitizer, customers bought the goods, he must be looking for who is to go, who also is to face to accept the market price, we have to education foreigner customers, beef and not when the mask to wear, and money is more important than what life? We do import and export is the logistics business for a long time for many years, rather than because of the outbreak supplies only do one or two times business with our customer, we decided not to the market price movements, but we must be truthfully feedback with our customer, the rest is the customer to decide. DHL pair clear tax package delivery channels, the European railway double clear, including empty have won't work, now can only choose normal export have air and sea. One, hand sanitizer, export airfreight: 1, provide air transport appraisal report, related goods details ( Packing type, size, number, weight) , expected time charter, of shipment/destination airport, special operation requirements ( Cannot be stacked, etc. ) 2, the outer packing requirements UN box, 3, and a week in advance to determine position. Second, hand sanitizer, export shipping note: air freight price factors, also have a class time is long, customer can choose part of the shipping way properly. Remind: hand sanitizer products to retail packaging, single bottle of hand sanitizer can't exceed 5 liters, single box is not more than 35 kg weight, hand sanitizer can't make medical tag. Three, hand sanitizer, export shipping process 1, provide MSDS in English and Chinese, more than a week in advance booking 2, limited labels, CIQ supervision on 3, hazardous to arrange the trailer to the factory booking the container 4, hand sanitizer, export customs declaration, export hand sanitizer pay 5, hand sanitizer, sea tags: alcoholic disinfectant spray disposable alcohol gel hand sanitizer
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