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What problem is common in cosmetics for the record?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-28

1, apply for approval need how long?

import ordinary cosmetics: 4 - Five months; 8 - imported special class cosmetics Ten months; Domestic except 3 weeks ( In hebei province as an example, from the report to the next card 1 months or so) ; Domestic special class cosmetics: 8 - Ten months.

2, time is too long. Can you hurry up?

declaration time for two main areas:

1, the detection time.

2, review time. Test cycle exists objectivity, the experiment process takes time and hard to shorten. The review time is fixed, will only prolong not shortened. Therefore, if you want to shorten the time only through perfect information, as far as possible one-time pass, avoid advice and reply.

3, declare how much cost?

declaration fee consists of three parts: the agent service fee ( Acting company collect) To detect cost ( Testing institutions charge) , translation notarial fees ( Notarization charge) 。

agency service charge different agency fees.

4, what is a common kind of cosmetics, what is a special kind of cosmetics? Cosmetics for special

means used in education, dyeing, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, body building, deodorization, spot ( Whitening) And sunscreen cosmetics. Special cosmetics for special use cosmetics and not different, in order to achieve the effect usually add some corresponding active components, such as hair dye products of hair dyes of sunscreen, sunscreen products, etc. , so special use cosmetics in the process of using the probability of adverse reactions are relatively high.

related rules and regulations, special use cosmetics must be approved by the health administrative department under the State Council, and obtained the domestic cosmetics for special approval before production, or obtain import cosmetics for special approval before import. In terms of filing of the application, special class cosmetics than regular class application cycle is long, high cost. In addition, many clients often associate it with 'special groups' mixed use of cosmetics, the industry commonly referred to as 'special groups' refers to the cosmetics, pregnant women and infants use both normal classes and special classes, the use of 'special groups' is much more difficult than special class cosmetics cosmetics declaration, including pregnant women use cosmetics industry, there is no authorization.

5, cosmetics must apply for the certificate?

chapter v of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' article 26: import or sell without approval or inspection of imported cosmetics, confiscation of products and the illegal income, and may be fined not more three to five times the illegal income. Visible, cosmetics is listed on the import, must certificate approval documents. In fact, in the cosmetics in the import customs, administration for commodity inspection, customs requires inspection is temperamental predominance cosmetics 'entity' can be related, and after the entry, if there is no 'entity', also not listed, including electronic business ( Jingdong, Tmall) And shopping malls, counters, etc.

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