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What's wrong with the darkening of pregnant mother's skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-19
After pregnancy, mothers-to-be have undergone great changes in both their psychology and physiology. The obvious physiological change is that 80% of pregnant women will have ugly skin and frequent problems. Darkening of the skin is the love of many people who pursue fair skin. Pregnant mothers are more unbearable. What is going on when pregnant mothers turn black?     During pregnancy, the progesterone hormone in the body undergoes tremendous changes, prone to belly wrinkles, pregnancy spots, loose skin, hair loss and other phenomena. The specific reasons for these problems are as follows:      First, during pregnancy, as the fetus in the uterus continues to grow, the abdominal skin is constantly stretched and tightened, and the elasticity and toughness of the subcutaneous fibrous tissue is weakened. Pattern.    Second, because the endocrine changes in the body during pregnancy will stimulate the secretion of melanin, a large number of pigmented spots on the face are called pregnancy spots.     Third, the fetus's continuous growth in the mother's body makes the pregnant mother's skin plump and tight, and skin elasticity and toughness reach a relatively large limit. Postpartum women are prone to problems such as sagging skin and falling breasts, and it is very difficult to recover their body shape.     Fourth, there are many blood vessels and nerves distributed in the head. The nutrition of the head skin is directly related to the nutrition and growth of hair. Many women's physiological changes during pregnancy, changes in blood circulation and metabolism will affect the health of the head skin. Hair loss, dry hair, split ends and other problems occur. In general, women after pregnancy due to endocrine changes in the body, estrogen and progesterone can cause pigmentation, long spots, and obvious color darkening in skin folds such as neck, armpits, vulva, groin, etc., and due to higher postpartum metabolism Slow, the toxins in the new mother’s body cannot be eliminated smoothly. This dark color may last for a period of time. Pay more attention to nutrition to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus and inhibit the formation of melanin. You can also use special OEM skin care products for pregnant women to improve skin texture. Therefore, mothers-to-be who have darkened skin after pregnancy need not worry too much. Through internal regulation and external nourishment, they can maintain a good complexion during pregnancy.
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