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What should I do if my facial skin is sagging?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-29
As the age grows, the skin will appear aging and sagging, and women who enter pregnancy, the skin is in a state of rapid aging, skin collagen loss, fetal development, abdomen bulge, and accompanied by edema and other problems, postpartum skin sagging Roughness is a common problem. The skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that during pregnancy, moms must carry out reasonable maintenance, and constantly inject the skin into the skin, so that skin sagging and other problems can appear. What about sagging skin during pregnancy, if the skin is sagging?

  How can pregnant women improve the symptoms of sagging skin? Pregnancy skin care brands say that skin care for pregnant women should be divided into areas, specifically divided into eye skin and skin around the face.

  1. How to protect the skin around the eyes from sagging skin care for pregnant women

  1. Use eye mask products

  Rice silk eye mask, whether it is to rescue skin or repair damaged skin The skin is very effective. Therefore, if you insist on using the eye mask at least once or twice a week, it can reduce the fine lines around the eyes and tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

  2. Apply light-weight eye cream

   If you don’t use eye cream products, by the second trimester, pregnant mothers will find that their skin around the eyes is obviously loose and ages prematurely. When choosing an eye cream, you should pay attention to choosing a special eye cream for pregnant women that is light in texture and suitable for you, such as soy milk nourishing eye gel. If it is too heavy, it will cause fat particles.

  Second, how can pregnant women's skin care improve facial skin relaxation

  1. Pregnant women's skin care combined with essential oil massage to soothe the appearance of facial skin

  For relaxation, pregnant mothers can use essential oils to massage and soothe it. Using the forehead as the starting point, pull both hands to the left and right temples, and then gently lift up from the forehead to the left and right hairline. Then inhale to bulge your cheeks, gently rub your cheeks with the backs of your fists in a circular motion, exhale and relax after 5 seconds, repeat several times. After the comparison, the mouth is in an O shape, try to pull the nose up and the upper lip down, stay for about 3~4 seconds, return to the original shape, and repeat several times.

  2. for pregnant women, always hydrate and moisturize

   With age, the moisture and collagen in the skin will lose quickly. If you do not do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing at this time, it will cause loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should do a good job of daily skin care and maintain intensive hydration 2 to 3 times a week to delay skin aging.

Which is a good OEM skin care brand for pregnant women? Pregnancy skin care brands have developed a variety of skin care products during pregnancy, which can improve the symptoms of facial skin relaxation of pregnant mothers, enhance skin cell vitality, and keep pregnant mothers skin hydrated Moisturized and smooth state.

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