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What should I do if my skin is dull during pregnancy? There is a coup to defeat the dullness

by:Zanyu     2021-06-15

  Skin oil secretion disorders during pregnancy, progestational hormone marketing, skin problems continue to flow, dull complexion makes pregnant mothers step by step toward a yellow face, what should I do if pregnant women have dull skin?

   during pregnancy Coup 1: External nourishment and water

   Moisturizing is a key to skin care, because the skin is also prone to lack of nutrition during pregnancy, and skin with insufficient nutrition is prone to yellowing on the face. In addition, the skin structure of pregnant women is relatively loose. Skin moisture is also lost quickly.

  Recommended product: Sakura series moisturizing and hydrating set

  Recommended reason: Contains cleanser, lotion, essence, eye gel and moisturizing lotion, rich in natural hydrating Factors and beautifying nutrients can effectively control the skin's oil-water balance, promote skin metabolism, play a role in the formation of melanocytes, and meet the multiple OEM skin care needs of pregnant mothers for moisturizing, bleaching and whitening.

   during pregnancy coup 2: Nutritional diet to replenish qi and blood

   Pregnant women have a dark yellow complexion, which is closely related to poor blood circulation and insufficient Qi and blood in the body. It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat more Vitamin B foods, such as black fungus, spinach, carrots, lotus root and other foods are also rich in folic acid. Eat cherries, red apples, small tomatoes, strawberries and other red fruits with strong antioxidant properties.

   points during pregnancy:

  1. Use mild and non-irritating cleansing products every time you wash your face, twice a day, on weekdays Pay attention to sun protection and try to avoid going out at noon or afternoon when the sun is strong.

  2. After washing the face, pat it gently with your hands, wait until the moisture is half dry, apply a mild moisturizer evenly on the face, and massage gently, which will help maintain skin moisture and promote skin Blood circulation.

  3. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and if necessary, take some vitamin B2 and C tablets to prevent dry skin.

  4. The diet should be light and nutritious. Try to avoid spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles. Do not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise the skin will be more dry and dull.

   5. Pay attention to adequate sleep and maintain a happy mood.

   6. Use pregnant mother natural OEM skin care products: such as honey, vinegar, glycerin, olive oil and other skin care products.

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