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What should I do if my skin is loose and rough? Reasonably supplement these four major nutrients

by:Zanyu     2021-07-02

  With age, the loss of nutrients in the skin accelerates, coupled with the influence of the dry and cold environment, the aging symptoms such as skin sagging, roughness, wrinkles, and acne become more obvious. In fact, the major reason for skin aging is insufficient nutrition. What nutrients do you need to take in to relieve the aging phenomenon such as loose and rough skin?

  Nutrients necessary for skin beauty?

  1 .Collagen

  Collagen is an essential nutrient ingredient to manage skin wrinkles and elasticity. It is the main component of the subcutaneous dermis layer, which plays a role in connecting cells. The amount of collagen gradually decreases with age, which will lead to a decrease in the tightness between cells, a decrease in skin elasticity, and a small stimulus will easily generate wrinkles. Therefore, continuous intake of collagen is very important to enhance skin elasticity. Supplement collagen, eat more dried persimmons, carrots, garlic, blueberries, etc.

  2. Vitamin C

  The representative function of vitamin C is whitening. Vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, reduce oxidized melanin, and rejuvenate dull complexion. In addition, it can prevent water loss and help collagen production. At the same time, vitamin C also has an antioxidant effect. It can inhibit the generation of active oxygen caused by ultraviolet rays, protect skin cells damaged by ultraviolet rays, and fight aging and skin tumors. Strawberries, oranges, lemons, peppers, and green peppers contain a lot of vitamin C.


  OMEGA-3 has the function of protecting cells in the body and maintaining cell structure. Therefore, sufficient OMEGA-3 can help protect skin cells, maintain moisture in the skin, and dry skin. This is because OMEGA-3 can form a lipid layer that can lock the moisture in the skin. A research team from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom has shown that OMEGA-3 can damage the skin caused by ultraviolet rays and enhance skin immunity. If you want to supplement OMEGA-3, you can eat fresh blue fish such as mackerel or saury.

  4. Vitamin A

   Vitamin A can wrinkle and exfoliate. It plays a role in filling the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin, eliminates skin wrinkles, promotes skin epidermal metabolism, and normalizes the keratin cycle. Therefore, adequate intake of vitamin A can naturally exfoliate the thick accumulation of keratin and make the skin smoother and brighter. In addition, it also has anti-oxidant effects, wrinkles, sagging skin, chloasma and other skin aging phenomena. Vitamin A is abundantly present in spinach, pumpkin and pepper.

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