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What should I do if pregnant women have dry skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-07
After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body changes. Many pregnant mothers will find that their skin is much drier than before pregnancy. The erratic weather in spring can also cause dry skin. What about pregnant women with dry skin?     Drink plenty of water and use skin care products      to moisturize the pregnant muscles. In addition to remembering to drink more water, pregnant mothers can also use some skin care products that can add moisture to the skin to relieve dry skin. Such as the soy milk series of pregnant women skin care products, the super moisturizing effect is tailored for pregnant mothers with dry skin during pregnancy. It is better to apply the OEM skin care products to the dry area when using it. If you can gently massage it, then This not only can effectively prevent dry skin, but also maintain the balance of skin pH. Ensure sleep, pay attention to rest, and have a balanced diet. If the expectant mother has insufficient sleep, fatigue, or partial eclipse during pregnancy, not only will your body suffer considerable damage, but also your skin will become inactive and prone to dryness. . Therefore, during pregnancy, for the health of the fetus and oneself, we must pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep. In addition, under the premise of ensuring a balanced nutrition, eat more foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, such as meat, fruits, green vegetables, fish, eggs, milk, and nuts. , Cereals, carrots, etc., especially carrots. The β-carotene in carrots is not only very helpful for protecting eyesight, but also moisturizing the skin if eaten in the dry season. Use non-irritating shower gel to control the bathing time. As expectant mothers will have sensitive skin during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use low-irritating soap or shower gel during bathing. Soy milk shower gel will create moisture A must-have product for the skin, using the same source of makeup and food to take care of the mother and baby in all directions.
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