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What should I do if pregnant women have itchy skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-07-04

  After entering the middle and late stages of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have skin itching. In the dry season nowadays, the skin itching is aggravated. What about pregnant women’s skin itching? How to relieve the itching symptoms?

  8 Tips to relieve skin itching

  1. Nervousness and emotional agitation can aggravate itching, so pregnant moms must first reduce their mental burden and avoid irritability and anxiety.

  2. Avoid scratching to relieve itching. After scratching, the skin tends to become red and scratches, causing the epidermis to fall off and causing blood scabs. Over time, it will thicken the skin, deepen the pigment, and then aggravate itching, and even cause purulent infection, which will form a vicious circle.

  3. Change your underwear frequently, and avoid scrubbing vigorously with hot water or alkaline soap when taking a bath, because this will aggravate itching.

  4. For pregnant mothers with itchy skin symptoms caused by allergies, you can also use lotion and apply to the affected area once in the morning and evening.

   5. Stimulation of food factors, such as eating less pepper, ginger, garlic and other irritating foods. The intake of seafood should be moderate, because seafood can aggravate skin itching.

   6. Wear pure cotton clothing to avoid friction between the chemical fiber fabric and the skin. People with skin allergies should wear loose clothes, and the belt should not be too tight to avoid skin pressure.

  7. Drug treatment. Pregnant mothers need to take medication under the guidance of a doctor. For local itching, you can apply menthol, camphor cream, camphor tincture, camphor dusting powder, and short-term use of hormone ointments with small side effects, such as elosone, if necessary.

  Itching of the whole body can be appropriate to take a sedative or desensitizer for a short period of time, or take B vitamins and vitamin C at the same time.

   8. You can scrub the itchy area with vinegar and heated water, or use 10 to 15 peppercorns, boil it with water, and scrub the affected area after the water is warm. Generally, you can relieve the itching.

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