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What should I do if the neck skin is loose and aging? Only 4 steps for youthful muscle density

by:Zanyu     2021-05-28

  The elegance of a woman is all in the neck. The white and slender swan neck is what every beauty lover wants, but many people only pay attention to the care of the facial skin while ignoring other parts of the skin. Maintenance. With the increase of age, the neck appears loose and aging due to lack of nutrition. In response to this situation, how should the neck skin be maintained?

   First of all, let’s understand the reasons for the sagging and aging of the lower neck skin:

  1. The influence of ultraviolet light causes the neck skin to relax

   The skin on the neck is very thin. Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of the skin, including sun exposure and computer radiation. It will deepen with age, and the neck skin may be very loose.

  2. Frequent raising and lowering of the head leads to loose neck skin

   Habitual movements such as raising and lowering the head are always repeated countless times inadvertently, and the neck epidermis is easily squeezed When the traces appear, the neck with thinner cortex begins to loosen slowly after a long period of time.

  3. The lack of water in the neck leads to loose neck skin

   The skin on the neck is very thin and fragile, while the number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the front of the neck is only three times that of the face. One in all, there is less sebum secretion, it is difficult to keep moisture, and it is easier to dry, so it is easy to have loose neck skin.

  4. The aging of the neck skin leads to loosen neck skin

  Neck OEM skin care method:

  1. The neck skin is loosened , Neck lift massage is needed

   lift massage is not only facial massage, neck massage can also lift loose skin.

   Method: Use the thumb of the thumb to massage and push up from the base of the neck to the bottom of the ears. Repeat this several times a day, it can also cause neck edema and promote neck skin metabolism. Massage can also be used with massage cream or after applying firming cream, the firming effect will be better.

  2. The neck skin is sagging and needs self-made neck mask care

   This neck mask can also be used in place of a facial mask, which can effectively improve skin sagging, delicate skin tightening and other OEM skin care effects.

   Method: Use egg white and aloe vera or fresh cucumber juice to mix evenly. After cleansing and neck cleaning, apply it evenly on the neck, keep it for about 10 minutes and then wash it off.

  3. If the neck skin is loose, a facial mask can be used instead of the neck mask.

   Such OEM skin care products are more conducive to skin absorption, and the skin tightening effect is also very effective. After proper massage, it can also effectively improve the appearance of neck lines.

   Method: Do not forget to take care of the neck while taking care of the skin on the face every day. After applying the mask on the face, apply the mask directly on the neck, or it can be used daily. Become a good habit of applying neck membranes.

  4. When the neck skin is loose, it is important to replenish collagen.

   Young and firm skin is supported by collagen. Once the skin loses collagen, the skin will change. It is slack, so if you want to create a firm neck skin, it is very important to replenish proper collagen.

  Master the secrets of neck care, pay attention to the daily care of the neck, so that your neck can be tightened, so as to exude a confident brilliance!

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