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What shower gel should be used for pregnant women? The way to beautify skin with ingredients meets various skin needs

by:Zanyu     2021-06-20

  What shower gel should pregnant women use? For the health of their babies and their own, pregnant women must be careful and attentive in everything in their lives. After pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the pregnant mother's skin has also undergone corresponding changes, such as dry and dull skin, greasy acne and other problems. For different skin problems, what should pregnant mothers pay attention to when bathing? What are the requirements for choosing shower gel?

   Which kind of shower gel is better for pregnant women? Pregnancy is a special stage, and the body’s immunity is better than before. Decline, changes in hormone levels such as progesterone in the receptor, pregnant women's skin will become sensitive and fragile, the chemical composition of ordinary bath products on the market may have an adverse effect on the brain and body development of the fetus. Therefore, the OEM skin care specialist during pregnancy recommends that when pregnant mothers choose shower gels, they should give priority to the soy milk, rice, goat milk and special shower gels for pregnant women under the same brand of makeup. The raw materials are natural, highly effective moisturizing, and the layered moisturizing effect is outstanding, which can effectively solve the greasy , Dryness, itching and other problems, make the skin clear, clean, shiny and moisturized, and comprehensively care for the pregnant mother’s skin.

  What kind of shower gel should pregnant women use? What should I do if the skin is greasy?

  Due to the slow metabolism of pregnant women, the subcutaneous fat thickens, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands increase, the body blood circulation increases, and the face Excessive oil secretion will aggravate, and the skin will become extremely greasy. Use a refreshing and greasy rice shower gel. The foam is rich and delicate, and the formula is gentle.

  What shower gel should pregnant women use? What should I do about dry skin?

  Pregnant women will also encounter dry skin problems. Due to progesterone, The skin of some pregnant women loses its softness and becomes very dry and rough, peeling in some areas, and increased pigmentation on the face. Soy milk shower gel is specially developed for the characteristics of skin during pregnancy. Soy milk shower gel can effectively reduce skin phenomena such as chloasma, dryness and fine lines during pregnancy, leaving skin soft and moisturized.

  What kind of shower gel should pregnant women use? What should I do about itchy skin?

   Itchy skin is also a common problem for pregnant women. When you gain too much weight, you may feel your skin. Friction occurs between them, especially on the inner thighs. In this case, pregnant mothers can use goat milk bomb nourishing shower gel, ordinary shower gel leaves too high fat, there is always a kind of fake smooth that is not clean. Natural goat's milk has a high degree of penetration, which really softens the skin, improves skin itching, and relieves the body and mind of pregnant mothers after bathing.

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