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What skin problems are prone to occur during pregnancy?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-09
About one-fifth of expectant mothers will have skin itching during pregnancy. Does pregnancy cause skin problems? Most skin problems during pregnancy are not directly related to pregnancy, and are often caused by skin diseases such as eczema, urticaria, drug rash, and bacterial infections. But it is not ruled out that a small number of pregnancy hormones are produced. Reason 1: Seasonal changes In different seasons, expectant mothers will have different skin problems. For example, due to the humid climate in summer and sweating, they are prone to eczema or skin folliculitis; in winter, the skin is prone to dryness due to reduced sebum secretion. Causes winter eczema or lipid-deficient eczema, etc. These symptoms may occur in any part of the body.     Suggestions: Mothers-to-be should pay attention to different skin care and maintenance methods in different seasons, bathing frequently in summer, moisturizing in autumn, antifreezing in winter and spring, and applying oil-rich OEM skin care products. Reason 2: Changes in pregnancy hormones From pregnancy to about 1 month after delivery, due to the increase in hormones, mothers-to-be will not only have changes in their body, but also their skin will be particularly sensitive, prone to rashes and itching. In severe cases, it will affect daily life and rest. mood.     Suggestion: expectant mothers should pay attention to OEM skin care during pregnancy. The clothes should be mainly made of cotton to avoid friction and static electricity caused by chemical fiber clothing, which can cause skin irritation to the external environment. In addition, the bath water should not be too hot and the bath time should not be too long. It is better to apply moisturizer immediately after washing. Don't wait until the skin feels dry to moisturize. Regular moisturizing can maintain the integrity of the skin.     Soymilk series of moisturizing products under the OEM skin care brand for pregnant women, with natural materials and gentle texture, are the first choice for many pregnant mothers.     Reason 3: If it is caused by pathogenic bacteria, it is unbearable between the fingers and toes. If the skin has small blisters, scratching the skin can temporarily stop itching and running water. Pay attention to whether it is infected by insects, mites and other pathogens. If there are maps or coin-like spots on the buttocks, thighs, etc., pay attention to whether they are infected by fungi and other pathogens.     Suggestion: If a pathogenic infection occurs, the pregnant mother should promptly make a specialist diagnosis and treatment in the dermatology department. Most pregnant mothers are worried about the impact of drug treatment on the baby, but in fact, topical antifungal drugs are category B drugs and will not cause adverse effects on the fetus. Reason 4: Abnormal blood sugar and bile acid. If itching is unbearable, restless, sleepless at night, easy to scratch unconsciously, skin breakage, causing purulent skin infection, this is probably not simply dry itching, but should pay attention to pregnancy Combined with cholestasis syndrome and diabetes.    Recommendation: If the above situation occurs, you can go to the dermatology, obstetrics, and traditional Chinese medicine department to check the combination of physical examination and total bile acid with blood. If skin itching is caused by gestational diabetes or cholestasis syndrome, pregnant mothers should be vigilant! High sugar or high bile acid levels can cause fetal distress and stillbirth.     Reason 5: Food and drug allergies      Many pregnant mothers will experience skin itching and rash within a short period of time after eating spicy food such as pepper, ginger, and garlic or contacting certain types of OEM cosmetics.     Recommendation: It is not recommended to use OEM cosmetics, hair coloring and electric hair during pregnancy. Pay attention to avoid allergic foods in your diet. The intake of seafood should be moderate, because seafood can aggravate skin itching; avoid or reduce eating spicy foods such as peppers, ginger, and raw garlic. When the symptoms are mild, you can also use a semi-dry cold towel for cold compresses to alleviate the itching and discomfort of the skin. The treatment effect of traditional Chinese medicine for removing dampness is also good. For severe itching, pregnant women need to be treated symptomatically under the guidance of a doctor.
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