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What skin problems can be caused by pregnancy?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-10


   Due to the changes in hormones in the body, the skin during pregnancy will also undergo subtle changes. Some become ruddy and shiny, some become dark and rough, and some become greasy and heavy. Sweaty. Changes in the skin reflect the exuberant degree of metabolism. So what are the changes in the skin after pregnancy?


   During pregnancy, adrenal function and thyroid function are relatively hyperactive, metabolism is accelerated, and blood circulation in the skin increases, so sweating is more, and the skin is relatively moist. Some pregnant women’s facial capillaries dilate, making their complexion ruddy, delicate and radiant. However, because the placenta secretes more progesterone and testosterone, the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and the face becomes greasy and rough, which is more common in obese pregnant women.


   chloasma and butterfly spots appear on the face of pregnant women; obvious pigmentation appears on the abdomen and vulva; the nipple and areola turn black. This is also due to the increased secretion of the adrenal cortex during pregnancy.


   Avoid direct sunlight during pregnancy, wear a hat or umbrella when going out, put on some sunscreen, go back indoors Wash off, because the anti-ultraviolet ingredients in sunscreen OEM skin care products have a stimulating effect on the skin, and should not stay on the skin for a long time. It is better not to use cream during pregnancy, because the drug ingredients can be absorbed through the skin.


   After the second trimester, especially the chest, abdomen, and lower limbs are more sensitive, and serious rashes-red papules may occur. Due to the severe itching, it is often scratched, bleeding marks, and scabs are often called prurigo pregnancy. The reason is that the burden on the liver during pregnancy increases, cholestasis, and the excretion rate of bile acid decreases.


   Because of cholestasis, the placenta's villus gap is narrowed, which affects the material exchange between the mother and the fetus and the supply of oxygen, resulting in fetal growth retardation and birth weight Lower than the weight of newborns of the same gestational age. If intrahepatic cholestasis occurs, you must not deal with it calmly and you must seek medical attention in time.



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