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What taboos during pregnancy skin care?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-06
During pregnancy, due to the changes of hormones in the body, the skin itself will be affected, leading to oily skin, dry, allergies, splash, red blood silk, etc.
pregnancy skin care taboos
if due to lack of proper management and all kinds of skin problems, skin will increase the psychological burden of expectant mothers and anxiety. The influence of bad mood to the baby!

need to carefully care, pregnancy skin to maintain healthy skin conditions.

expectant mothers may worry that the cumulative effect of skin care ingredients on your baby. But - In addition, the amount of ingredients play rascal!

a few local maintenance will not affect the fetus, also won't cause birth defects.

pregnancy skin need to pay attention to three types of ingredients

OEM skin care during pregnancy, also suggested that the general direction from birth defects and irritating ingredients, such as retinol, vitamin a acid, salicylic acid, soy based ( Or bergamot oil) Products.

1, the type of retinol, vitamin a acid

retinol class material is vitamin a derivatives, its main function is to speed up skin's metabolism, promote cell proliferation, stimulates the production of collagen.

many anti-aging and oxidation products can be found in the composition table retinoic acid, such as: Elizabeth Aden capsule essence, HuoLuoJia, comprehensive membrane.

retinoic acid is the 'gold' to protect skin to taste, but the high-dose oral vitamin A in medicine has been confirmed that can lead to fetal abnormalities. Recommended during pregnancy and lactation mother should be careful with retinoic acid and vitamin A acid to protect skin to taste.

2, salicylic acid,

salicylic acid can penetrate the skin grease, penetrate pores, clean the dead skin cells, in the skin cleansing and toner has a high utility ratio.

in addition, salicylic acid also have diminish inflammation, redness, anti-aging effects. Salicylic acid is often found in OEM skin care products, two cleaners and acne products.

common product contains salicylic acid, such as Paula selection acne removing toner, Vicky acne removing water, force spring potion skincare essence cream, etc.

high-dose oral salicylic acid can lead to birth defects and other pregnancy complications. It is therefore recommended that pregnant women avoid the topical salicylic acid.

contains natural ingredients of OEM skin care products has become a trend. However, recommend that pregnant women avoid choose contain soy alkali to protect skin to taste.

3, soybeans, bergamot glycerin

soybean although do not have a harm of soybean alkali, but will produce estrogen effect, increase the pregnancy freckle, chloasma, etc skin problems. Bergamot oil is also the same problem.

however, some products containing the active soybean, which means that the composition of plant estrogen has been removed, so will not affect the skin ~

in the end, let we emphasize the

high doses ( Mainly oral) Ingredients harmful to the fetus, but in general, these ingredients used in skin doses can be neglected.

so mother don't need to worry too much, let alone a hypercorrection.
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