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What to do if pregnant women have dry skin in autumn and winter? Recommend four maintenance methods

by:Zanyu     2021-06-20

  Autumn and winter are the seasons when there is a lot of skin dehydration. Dryness, itching, fine lines and wrinkles are aggravated, affected by skin changes in the receptor, and pregnant women have more serious skin problems in autumn and winter than ordinary people. How should pregnant women take care of dry skin in autumn?

  Symptoms of dry skin in pregnant women

  1. The whole face feels tight.

  2. There is no moist feeling when touched with the palm of the hand.

  3. The skin of other parts of the body appears dry.

  4. Some parts have dry peeling phenomenon.

   5. I feel itchy after bathing.

  6. Dry facial skin is severe to a certain extent, and dry seborrheic dermatitis will appear. The specific manifestation is erythema on the face, accompanied by the peeling of the skin around the mouth and nose, which is very itchy and uncomfortable.

  What to do if pregnant women have dry skin in autumn

  1. Pregnant women with dry skin should not wash their face frequently. Natural oils on the skin have a good protective effect on the skin. , Washing your face frequently can easily cause sebum membrane damage, so in autumn and winter, the cleansing of the facial skin can be done once in the morning and evening for mothers-to-be. It is better to choose natural cleansing milk for pregnant women, such as soy milk and rice cleansing milk rich in hydrating factors.

  2. It is necessary to use OEM skin care products that can add moisture to the skin, apply it to the dry area and gently massage it. The skin care products for pregnant women have the same formula for makeup and skin beauty essence. Rich in natural moisturizing factors, it can effectively dry the skin and maintain the pH balance, which is more suitable for use at this time.

  3. You should not soak for too long while bathing, otherwise it will easily cause skin dehydration. You can add some bath oil in the water and use ordinary soap as little as possible. It is recommended to use goat milk shower gel, natural fresh goat milk And elastin and other ingredients, gentle cleansing, deep moisturizing, delicate skin rejuvenation.

  The maintenance method for dry skin of pregnant women in autumn

  1, reasonable eating habits

   In order to cope with the dry weather in autumn and winter, drink plenty of water to replenish the body. And moisture loss from the skin. In addition, a reasonable diet can improve a person's physical fitness and help delay aging. Since human body fluids are weakly alkaline, intake of alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, and soy products can make the skin delicate and smooth.

  2, pay attention to hydrating inside and outside

   hydrating in autumn, hydration is a must-do for fashionable mothers-to-be. But mothers-to-be must pay attention to hydrating internally and externally. For internal hydration, expectant mothers should drink plenty of water in this dry season to cope with the common dry skin phenomenon during pregnancy.

  3. Use moisturizing skin care products

   When applying moisturizing lotion to the face, it is recommended to use a small circle to massage the facial skin several times than usual. If conditions permit, it is better for expectant mothers to do a moisturizing mask at least once a week to maintain healthy skin metabolism and promote the natural shedding of residual keratin.

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