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What to do if pregnant women have dry skin in autumn, mastering the balance of water and oil is the key

by:Zanyu     2021-05-31

   In autumn and winter, pregnant women’s skin loss becomes more serious, with dry lips, tight skin, itchy skin and so on. When it comes to dry skin, the first motivation of pregnant mothers is to moisturize. This is true, but the healthy state of the skin is not covered with water, but balanced with water and oil, so the position of oil is also very important. So which skin care products are good for pregnant women? In autumn and winter, pregnant women have dry skin, pay attention to hydrating, and even more oil.

   In the dry season, pregnant mothers tend to ignore the oil supplement while moisturizing. Because grease is like a barrier that locks in moisture, if this protective film disappears, then the moisture will soon be air-dried by the external environment. But how can you know that you belong to the skin that needs oil? Pregnant mothers can do not wipe any skin care products within 5 minutes after washing their face, and then gently press the T-shaped area with oil-absorbent tissue. If there is no oil on it, it means Your skin is in a state of lack of oil.

   In the case of dry skin of pregnant women in autumn and winter, expectant mothers need to provide long-term hydration for dehydrated skin, as well as appropriate oil replenishment. For the deep moisturizing and moisturizing of facial skin, the skin care specialist during pregnancy recommends that pregnant mothers apply soy milk silk moisturizing mask regularly a week to strengthen the skin's protective barrier. For replenishing oil, pregnant mothers can use the essential oil for nourishing and repairing, which is rich in high-strength penetration, penetrates the skin directly to the bottom of the muscle, and forms a highly moisturizing and water-locking layer. It has the freshness of water and the moisture of oil, bringing a refreshing and moisturizing skin care experience. It can effectively improve skin relaxation and aging, restore firmness and elasticity; deeply nourish the skin to the bottom, provide nutrients, and improve skin fine lines and dry lines.

   Does oily skin do not need to replenish oil? In fact, under dry and windy conditions, pregnant mothers with oily skin may also experience dryness and peeling problems. At this time, A certain amount of oil is needed to help strengthen and repair the skin barrier. There is no uniform standard for how much oil you need. It depends on each person’s skin condition. It’s like buying warm clothes. Pregnant mothers can choose a soy milk moisturizer that has both hydrating and oil replenishing effects. Apply it until it feels moisturizing and moisturizing It is not greasy. Dry skin is generally short of oil and water, both of which need to be supplemented. After cleansing the face, first use the essential oil for foundation, and then use the soy milk toner and moisturizing cream, which can not only deeply moisturize, but also firmly lock the moisture, so that the pregnant mother can easily control the water-oil balance without fear of dry skin .

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