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What to do if the skin is dry and peeling

by:Zanyu     2021-06-02

   A pair of Qianqianyu hands will definitely add points to beauty, but in daily life, even if pregnant mothers are pregnant with Liujia, they have to share housework, which damages the health of the hand skin. Coupled with the influence of the weather, the hand skin appears dry. Symptoms of peeling, how to maintain a pair of delicate and tender absorption? What causes peeling of the hands?

  Dry skin, how to do peeling hands, look at your delicate and tender hands

  NO. 1Avoid contact with irritating products

   Chinese medicine believes that peeling and peeling is a normal phenomenon that occurs in winter dry skin. As long as you avoid contact with soap, laundry detergent and other more irritating chemicals, basically 2~3 weeks It will heal automatically.

  NO.2 Supplement vitamin C

   Then you can supplement the missing vitamins in the body by eating fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, lemon, orange and so on. Those who want to be lazy

  NO.3 Use moisturizing hand cream

  The peeling of hands is largely caused by dry skin and lack of nutrition, so After washing your hands and taking a shower, you can apply a moisturizing hand cream to your hands to soothe dry skin. The peeling of your hands can also be relieved. It is recommended for pregnant mothers to use special OEM skin care hand cream for pregnant women, which is natural, gentle and nourishing.

  NO.4 Hand washing with salt water

   First take the non-iodized salt consumed at home and rub it between the hands, then dilute with a small amount of water, and let the salt water stay on the hands for a few minutes every day Once in the morning and evening, the effect will be seen after a week.

   In addition, the OEM skin care specialist during pregnancy also pointed out that the main consideration for peeling hands is the lack of vitamins. It is recommended to supplement vitamins, especially b and e, and pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables.

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