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What to do with dry skin in autumn 3 ways to save dry skin

by:Zanyu     2021-05-30

   Nowadays the weather is getting drier and colder, and the skin is dry and peeling, dull and rough, and other problems become more and more obvious. Then how to solve the autumn skin problem?

  What should I do with dry skin in autumn?

  1, external factors

  The changes in weather all affect the moisture balance of the skin. As soon as the season changes, some people feel that their cheeks become very dry. In fact, this is because the lower temperature makes the skin capillaries constrict, blood cannot transport enough nutrients to the skin, and the skin begins to dry and crack, especially the skin around the cheeks and eyes; and excessive If you use lotion, if you do not take care of the water lock, it will often lead to dry and cracked skin.

  2, internal factors

   poor skin quality can also lead to skin dehydration. People with good skin have enough oil secretion and enough natural moisturizing factors in the dermis, so the skin is naturally moisturized and shiny.

  The more the skin is maintained, the drier the skin is looking for the root cause of the wrong OEM skin care

  1, the method is wrong

   For example, if you overuse lotion 10 times a day, the more you rub it The drier.

  2, the time is wrong

  Some people are used to washing their hands, wait 10 minutes, and then apply hand cream, so there is not enough water in the skin of course how to wipe it It's still the same dry! Just after the shower, you should wipe it off within 1 minute when there are no water droplets on the surface of the skin, but it feels moist and soft, so that better results can be achieved.

  What should I do if the skin is dry in autumn?

  1, choose the right skin care ingredients

   can attract moisture from the dermis layer and contain it The outer epidermal layer maintains the moisture retention of the skin. During pregnancy, the skin is sensitive and fragile and has weak absorption capacity. Mothers-to-be need to choose some natural ingredients, moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products for pregnant women. It is produced by science and technology and is effective. It is specially recommended by celebrity moms Dong Jie, Ye Yiqian, Zhong Liti, Hu Ke, and Li Xiang.

  2, scientifically regulate daily skin care behaviors

   expectant mothers want to cultivate healthy and moisturized skin, in addition to precise selection of skin care products for pregnant women, they also need to regulate daily skin care behaviors, such as Remember to wash your face frequently in autumn and winter, keep hydrating, not moisturizing, and not isolate. Wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening, do a good job of moisturizing, isolation and protection.

  3. Pay attention to good daily living habits

   Cultivating good living habits is the key to skin care and health preservation. During pregnancy, expectant mothers must maintain a happy mood, ensure adequate sleep, and a balanced diet. And pay attention to exercise and health care.

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