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What to eat can prevent skin dry autumn mania?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-02

to want water tender skin, the first from the diet serious on collocation, drink water more good water temperature cold boiled water. In the modern age, people ask for convenient and eat many dry off exquisite production and processing of food hazards immediately the digestion and absorption of moisture, make human body gradually in less water, skin luster, should eat less spicy food food, green onion, garlic and other food. Tomatoes to spleen and nourishing the stomach, anti-aging; Carrots can relieve dry skin.

1。 Improve various vitamin intake. Vitamin to avoid recession skin, maintain skin nourishing effect plays a key.

2。 Often eat contain the food with much collagen protein and elastic protein. Collagen protein powder can make cells more and more fat, and make skin moist, wrinkles decreased, at ordinary times can eat some of food such as pork tendon and skin, pig skin.

3。 Improve the intake of nutrients. Must be abundant blood supply and demand balance, iron is one of the key ingredient in hemoglobin in the blood, eating foods containing iron rich and colorful, such as animal blood, egg yolk, meat, etc. Pure iron in food is a kind of soluble iron, for little can immediately be digestion and absorption, it can only be in acidic natural environment, can only be the alimentary canal digestion and absorption. Therefore, filling iron in addition to tomatoes, peppers, hawthorn fruit and other foods containing vitamin c more.

calcium, can make the skin dry mania is not smooth, easy long acne mouths, contain the food with much iron such as du oyster, malt sugar, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. In addition, the inner pearls with a variety of nutrient elements, carbohydrates and protein, can improve the health of the skin, relieve skin recession and wrinkled.

4。 Pay attention to alkali food intake. On dietary collocation should reduce animal body fat intake, meat and dessert. The physiology of acid food in the body after dissolved air oxidation, can make the lactic acid bacteria, high uric acid levels in the blood and blood, make the skin more smooth, rich feeling, in order to close the body unnecessary acidic chemicals, should eat more food physiology alkali, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, to improve the skin, make skin bright and supple.

5。 Often pay attention to drinking water. The skin fresh and nourishing level between the moisture content. When body moisture reduced, there will be a dry skin, skin glands reduced metabolism, and make skin liver loss of ductility, and even a ruffle. Therefore, in order to skin health should be patience proper drinking water daily.

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