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Which protect skin to taste is pregnant women can use?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-19
Many ready to pregnant mothers said, going to change all on hand to protect skin to taste, to buy some for maternal dedicated to protect skin to taste. So what protect skin to taste is pregnant women can use? Pregnant women can be OEM skin care cosmetic, Angelababy pregnant, each platform is made up of, Queensland LingHuai small week week, also with pure plant hair dyes to dye the beautiful hair. But skin care during pregnancy specialist, said but must avoid some harmful ingredients, because, in some OEM cosmetics ingredients can produce adverse effect to the baby. Were obtained through the placenta from the maternal nutrition of fetus, a few small molecules can also through the placenta into the fetus, fetal development. Be sure to select the nature, skin care products do not contain harmful substances of pregnant women. For any of the following ingredients to protect skin to taste, pregnant women should not be used. Pregnant women to disable the skincare ingredients 1, ingredients like vitamin A protect skin to taste the vitamin A component mainly include vitamin A acid, fat, vitamin A and vitamin A aldehyde fat vitamin A and vitamin A aldehyde in the skin can be converted into vitamin A acid, and vitamin A acid can increase the rate of fetal birth defects, so the pregnant mother should not be allowed to use contains the class composition of skin care products. 2, salicylic acid, salicylic acid mainly appear in acne removing type of skincare, almost all of the acne removing products contain this ingredient, so do not use during pregnancy pregnant mother acne removing products. 3, benzoyl peroxide benzoyl peroxide is also the main function of this acne removing, so is mainly appeared in the acne removing products, so again, pregnant mother don't use acne removing class to protect skin to taste well. 4, AHAAHA which was known as tartaric acid, mainly existed in the chamfer protects skin to taste, so this kind of skin care products pregnant mother should also be prohibited from use.
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