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Why did you choose cosmetics OEM, generation processing?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-26
Why did you choose cosmetics OEM, generation processing? Along with the social division of labor is more and more thin, many companies pay more and more attention to the depth of product research, production costs are high, outsourcing process lengthy process, a lot of skincare brands agent without its production factory, they prefer to choose OEM cosmetics OEM products processing plants. 1, to reduce the cost of goods, for cosmetics goods into recession, reduce the production cost is to keep the main points of the profits, if cannot reduce the production cost at home, just look overseas, overseas investment or in outsourcing, OEM production many kinds of cosmetics brands in Europe and America are overseas processing and production, directly reduce the production risk and cost, in order to obtain higher returns. 2, increase the diversity of the goods, in terms of a single brand, itself is a very famous brand, has certain customer base, to expand the development of more types of goods, OEM generation of processing method is a shortcut, product development and market orientation will usually have a spacing, brands need only its commodity formula can be used to produce OEM generation of processing goods, quickly fill the market gap, preempt the mall. Some brand manufacturers, for example, on the other hand, face cream, goods is good, but lacking in terms of face film, then can use OEM generation of processing method, choose from outside professional mask processing manufacturers, not only save time, also reduced the production cost, and high quality mask. 3, the company has its own advantages, in some cosmetics brand competitive advantage, not on the production, but has a variety of sales way and perfect after-sales service, at this point, the OEM generation of processing is almost a win-win cooperation method, such as watsons, way around the world rely on sales and service network, itself does not produce goods, but can provide high quality goods reputation to win the trust of the customers. 4, the use of the chance of trial and error to reduce losses, the market fast changing, some brands often use trial and error into the market, they will choose OEM way to detect the possibility of entering the market. Brands will be outsourced to cosmetics OEM small production, after the market's reaction to market observation, if the response is good for mass production, to launch new products, new brands of their own, if markets reacted calmly, brands OEM contract can be terminated, plans to give up this product into the market, you can use trial and error to get more opportunity to reduce their risks.
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