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Why does the skin become darker after pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-06-09
What is the reason why the skin of pregnant mother turns black during pregnancy? Women have whiter skin before pregnancy, but they find that their skin becomes darker and darker after pregnancy. Why?     Black somatic cells are not only activated by the influence of hormones. External influences such as ultraviolet rays will also greatly increase the number of black somatic cells.     The pigmentation that occurs during pregnancy varies from person to person, but it will gradually become lighter after delivery. But most of them will not disappear completely, and there are situations where it will take a long time to become shallow.     So, under normal circumstances, which part of the pregnant mother's body simply turns black? Face women’s face will show gestational chloasma after 3 to 5 months of pregnancy, and it will gradually decline after delivery; if the color body cells are not only activated by hormones, external influences such as ultraviolet rays will also The number of black somatic cells is greatly increased. The calm appearance of pigments such as chloasma and spots is due to the presence of melanin-producing melanin cells under the skin. Therefore, with the addition of pregnancy time, pregnancy-induced liver spots, mainly stains, spots, etc., will appear under the eyes.    Neck, underarms, abdomen                In addition to facial spots and darkening around the nipples, skin darkening during pregnancy is also reflected in the neck, underarms and abdomen and other body parts. The deposition of pigment makes these parts as if they are not cleaned. A dark one, even with some texture, makes pregnant mothers feel very embarrassed. Nipple and areola after pregnancy, due to the increased secretion of estrus hormone and progesterone, the areola may also show pigmentation, making the areola and nipples look darker and darker. This is actually due to Normal skin changes during pregnancy, most of them will gradually decline after childbirth.     The skin of pregnant mothers becomes normal, so pregnant mothers don’t need to be too nervous.     Will these blacks gradually disappear?     There is no doubt about it, it's just a question of the length of the time. After giving birth, these darkened parts will gradually fade until they recover to a normal skin color. Pregnant mothers don't have to worry too much. Maybe depending on your physique, the time required for recovery is also different.     What can I do after production?     After giving birth, Bao Ma can take a test to assist in recovery through diet therapy. For example, eat some foods that are conducive to skin whitening, such as tomatoes, lemon tea, and lemons. These foods have an excellent promoting effect in preventing the deposition of melanin, and are still very helpful in promoting the recovery of the complexion. Also note that after giving birth, do not consume condiments such as soy sauce and vinegar for a short period of time. In the selection of OEM skin care products, you can choose the OEM skin care products for pregnant women that are more popular with pregnant mothers, so as to better restore the whiteness of the skin.
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