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Why does the skin become rough and dull?

by:Zanyu     2021-07-03

   Rough and dull skin is related to many factors. Rough skin is also a response to physical health. Rough skin is a very obvious manifestation when vitamin A and B are lacking in the body. The usual dietary intake of less fatty acids, or drinking less water, or not eating fruits can easily make the skin rough.


  What causes the rough skin of girls?


  1. The skin water and oil balance is out of control


   If the texture of the broken skin cannot be re-adjusted to increase the dermal layer Collagen and elastic fibers make it difficult to restore the elasticity and luster of the skin, and the skin feel worse.


  2, the dust and dirt attached to the face with sweat


   weather temperature comparison In Gothe, even if we paint the makeup, we will be stained by sweat. The sunscreen on our face is no exception, especially when we wipe the sweat, it is easy to accumulate dust and dirt on the face, which makes bacteria With nourishment for reproduction, it causes skin problems.


  3. Hygiene issues of pillows and sheets


   A lot of sweat will be produced when sleeping at night. Pillows and sheets are already there. Unknowingly, it was full of sweat. When sleeping, the pillow directly touches the face and head, while the bed sheet directly touches the body. Therefore, the pillow and bed sheet, like the skin, need to be kept clean at all times, otherwise they will become the culprit of skin problems.



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