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Why only the face of large OEM processing factory can lower the price?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-01

what kind of face film processing, so also have price difference, relative to character, or the ability of large manufacturers have the ability to lower the price. Set up in view of the famous brands in considering, expect it in the contract price, and it must be the famous brand side pick large manufacturers.

the nature, also some people find that the small manufacturer agent is a lower price, is usually very low, and it must be to have certain attention to the quality of the goods, because small manufacturer not higher generation of labor standards, their money on equipment and technical have to take the money in time.

still, so to speak, to lower their contract price is shoddy, of course, also can't ensure the quality of the hydrating mask. And large and medium-sized manufacturer also is not the same, shandong century medicine tend to have lower price, but also because of its other cost decreased in the contract. The first is its application in foundry is excellent equipment, of course, that also can let the human in the whole process of OEM cost reduction, due to the shandong province century medical equipment is automation technology.

, by contrast, small manufacturer is because there is no equipment on automation technology, of course will increase labor costs. Also, large and medium-sized factories in the whole process of contract manufacturing, all aspects of cost will be reduced, due to the quantitative analysis of the industrial revolution there is always such a regularity, only its have larger quantity in the manufacturing, will make their products have lower cost.

but also because of the large and medium-sized manufacturer meets the standards, so that makes the price of the contract have certain reduction. Famous brand must be careful, if you want to make contract price down, also must let the manufacturer of the product cost reduction, because there is a factory will be at a loss for a well-known brand, and large and medium-sized manufacturers to reduce standard cost.

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