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Winter hand skin care tips

by:Zanyu     2020-12-10

for women, women face engineering maintenance is critical, the hand is called the women's second face, the hand skin how should maintain? Winter, cold and dry, hand skin moisture loss, dry tight, coarse grain. The winter of maintaining the hand skin moist and smooth any tips?

first of all, to solve the shortage of water in the body is not. Whether the lack of water, can judge from the following aspects: always feel dry, after washing a face often appear tension. With handle gently touch your face, no wetness, and lack of flexibility. After washing a face or bath feel itchy skin, have dry desquamate phenomenon & hellip; … If these circumstances, you need to drink water filling water, and a suitable amount of drinking fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc. , ensure the body with plenty of water, especially at bedtime.

after indoor heating, drier, then need to add wet moisturizing. Such as indoor placed a bowl of clean water, use wet dishcloth to mop the floor often can add wet or indoor raise some flowers also is advantageous to the humidification.

it is important to note that women in close contact with water, pay attention to some detergent and soap can produce stimulation to the skin of hands, should not be so long time contact, soaking water with detergent. Do housework can bring gloves, coated with a thick layer of hand cream, and then bring gloves, moisturizing, hand skin more water embellish. Moreover pregnant mother also want to get into the habit of hand cream at ordinary times, better carry, morning and evening, daub or when skin is dry, you can apply at any time.

to make hand skin beautiful, moist and amount shall also be rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and zinc, selenium food, such as green vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, almond, carrots, etc. , to avoid the skin dry. In addition, we should pay attention to the intake of nutrients such as calcium, copper, high content of calcium in food, including milk, bean products, seafood, green vegetables and fruits. Foods that are rich in copper has animal liver, shellfish, soy products and dark fruits and vegetables. These food can let a female from the inside-out to moisten.

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