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Winter pregnant how to do personal skin care?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-20
If winter comes, who will help pregnant women dry skin problems! Winter weather is cold and dry, people skin water shortage lack luster, expectant mothers during pregnancy is not exceptional also, dark yellow skin without elasticity, but also often because of the dry and itchy, very afflictive! Winter pregnant mom how to care the skin? Today come to recommend pregnant women winter OEM skin care tips to cough up ~ 【 Problems during winter 】 Ugly belly lines due to the constant growth of the fetus during pregnancy, and abdominal swelling, make abdominal skin appear excessive stretching, many of subcutaneous collagen fiber end is pulled, make the skin formed a special type of scar. Fine boring, acne skin easily because under the influence of hormone, the bottom of the lack of moist skin, plus pregnant women to provide nutrients to the body of the fetus, cause pregnant women to itself, the phenomenon of the shortage of water, leading to some pregnant women become especially rough skin. Face, appear all sorts of spots on the body due to the relationship between progesterone, soft skin lost before, and were slightly rough, even very dry, some areas will appear desquamate phenomenon, facial pigmentation also increases. Itchy skin, about 20% of women during pregnancy, can appear the skin itching from different parts of the body, and skin problems during pregnancy, about 90% will feel itchy. Is low because of the low winter temperatures, humidity, less skin sebum and sweat secretion, the skin is easy to become dry, especially in the evening after the cover with quilt, are more likely to feel itchy, this kind of situation commonly known as itching for the winter. How to solve the problem of winter skin? 5 skin care tips for your moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing important to emphasize three times! In the dry winter, wet is more important. Can use the soymilk moisturizer to ensure in dry air, still can smooth and soft skin. You can also drink plenty of water, to cope with common dry skin during pregnancy. You can also put a humidifier at home, increase the humidity of the air; Or with water spray to increase the humidity of the air. Winter also should pay attention to prevent bask in oh mother's skin to be especially sensitive to light, so even in winter, also should make efforts to prevent bask in. Although winter sunlight is not strong, but the long time of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, still can cause damage to the skin. So mothers should try to avoid long time exposure under ultraviolet light. Before going out to daub soymilk segregation frost, can effectively isolate uv damage. Nutrition, skin more moist skin every pregnant mother, rather than whether to get adequate nutrition. Vitamin C and B6 is skin regeneration and reconstruction of two nutrients, expectant mothers can complement appropriately under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, guarantee the nutrition and a balanced diet, not only for your own health and good for fetal development, is also a good way to nourish the skin. Choose to suit oneself skin protect skin to taste of each person's skin to skin is different, some people is oily, some people is dry, some people is mixed. When selecting a skincare products we can check your skin to the nature of the first, don't blindly follow somebody else buy what oneself buy, buy suits own is good. Wearing comfortable cotton clothes can be barrier-free manner in order to make your skin to breathe, you should try to wear comfortable, breathable cotton cloth, avoid synthetic fiber fabric. Because of the synthetic fiber fabric, air permeability and moisture effect is not ideal. Also want to try to be careful not to wear too tight leggings, such easy to cause the inner thighs, hips dry dull skin itching. Mothers-to-be winter skin care is a very important thing, a good skin not only aim at the mothers body health, also can bring happy good mood, with comparison of beautiful posture to meet the birth of the baby.
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