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Winter pregnant women how to maintain skin?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-20

the arrival of winter let pregnancy skin face more serious test, skin moisture loss fuel dry feeling, cause skin peeling phenomenon such as water shortage, so winter skin care becomes particularly important, so winter how to maintain the skin?

face dry skin problems, more direct way is to give the skin moisturizing, the pregnant mother can use moisturizing OEM skin care products. Because pregnancy skin become sensitive, as used in the products of pregnant women, should choose ingredients mild nature protect skin to taste, cannot use skin care products containing harmful substances such as heavy metals, hormone, here recommend the pregnant mother choose like this quality assured brand, as more people known as the soybean milk for pregnant women to protect skin to taste is the good choice, winter skin moisturizing product efficacy is given priority to with basic hydrating, richly contain soy milk essence, can effectively get rid of dry skin. Products meet makeup of edible food grade standard, suitable for sensitive skin during pregnancy.

in addition, in the winter to clean skin, should choose to have a cleaning and moisturizing efficacy of skin cleaning supplies, such as the soybean milk cleanser, can clean skin at the same time, form a moisturizing protective film on the surface of the skin, let skin from the breath of winter dry stimulation.

in the dry winter pregnant women should also be appropriate to drink water more, maintain the moisture of the body. Pregnant women and pay special attention to diet and nutrition balance in the diet, increased intake of magnesium, calcium and other minerals such as meat, fish, eggs, but also increase the essential fatty acids and vitamins, such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, milk, fish oil, beans, etc. Try to avoid a cordial drink intake, such as coffee, tea, etc. , at the same time, avoid to eat spicy food, can let skin become drier otherwise lacklustre.

in addition, the skin melanin during pregnancy is inherently more active, so pregnant women should avoid long time exposure under ultraviolet light. Although winter sunshine is not strong, but the long time of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, still can cause damage to the skin, so pregnant women go out should be ready to uv protection, such as the umbrella can wear belt keep out ultraviolet ray, as much as possible to reduce the skin by direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

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