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Winter pregnant women with what to protect skin to taste good?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-20

as the weather is getting dry, pregnant mothers found that no matter how hydrating, skin like drink enough, it is more and more dryness and peeling. In view of this, pregnant women how to choose the OEM skin care products? Pregnant women for winter skin filling water was in fact a skill, if wrong way will cause damage to the skin, can also affect the healthy baby. Rather than blindly to feed the skin of water and to understand the be fond of of your skin, targeted hydrating, to solve the problem of the winter skin is dry.

mixed skin: different parts of the partition with care

how pregnant women choose to protect skin to taste? Mixed skin is a common type of skin, more than half of the pregnant mother is mixed skin, and the pursuit of balance is mixed muscle is larger. Pregnant women how to choose the skin care products? Mix skin pregnant mother when maintenance should be focused separately according to the different parts of the processing, in skin, first in the dry cheeks part pregnant women use more protect wet or moist protect skin to taste, then T area of oil remaining amount gently wipe OEM skin care products or directly in the oil type of pregnant women.

dry skin: do more massage small microgroove

winter is a great challenge for dry skin, dry skin because of water, oil is not normal, dry, rough skin, lack of flexibility, easy to long dry lines, fine lines. Dry skin, therefore, pregnant mother when maintenance should pay attention to how to do massage care, promote the blood circulation. Light moisturizing lotion has enough moisture, can be replaced with more alimentary composition, containing a certain oil content of soybean milk moisturiser, better lock the moisture in the skin, and increase the use of soymilk moisturizing mask frequency, when very dry skin can also do intensive care for a few days.

oily skin: grasp the water oil balance is the key

oily skin grease is secreted exuberant, T part of the glossy clear, pore bulky, pores and blain to imprint is the pregnant mother need a key to deal with problem, the key is to master the water oil balance. Oily skin with hydrating effect is pregnant mother should use skin care water skin, to help replenish skin's natural moisture at the same time, also can have the effect of moderate control oil content. Every day after cleansing, use make up cotton take a suitable amount of bean milk skin water gently pat until absorption on the face, can have contractive pore, inhibit oil secretion. At the same time, also should choose the same style of soybean milk nourishing lotion, use after finished toner, timely and locks in moisture for skin, can make the skin hydrated.

sensitivity skin pledges: gentle, first

sensitive skin of pregnant mother's sebum membrane is thin, the skin's own protection ability is weak, skin redness, swelling, appear easily, itching, pain, and peeling, and dehydration. Especially in the extreme climate change garments according to the season or strong wind, heavy snow, the weather, the skin is easy to long little red points situation. To resolve sensitive muscle pregnant mother worries, chamomile hydrating tramal series product is specially developed for sensitive muscle pregnant mother, adopt the minimalist formula, mild nature, relieve calm sensitive skin, improve sensitive muscle to resist ability, make skin water embellish position to keep healthy.

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