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Winter skin care beauty must-have six little common sense

by:Zanyu     2020-11-19

winter skin always is in dry condition, if not careful maintenance, keep hydrated, easy to breed more skin problems, such as spots, wrinkles, dark heavy, peeling, itching, etc. How should the winter women reasonable care skin?

1, supplement sufficient water in the body

drink enough water, avoid dry skin due to a shortage of water in the body. Water quantity of 6 cups per day to 8 cups, can also drink fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc.

2, supplement water in vitro

a lot of women feel supplement water should be used in vitro hydrating products, but in fact, through a bath or wash a face can help us to easily achieve the goal of OEM skin care! Bath can help skin to supply enough water. Note, however, that must choose suitable water temperature! In addition, the winter after bathing, works should be nine points in the skin, apply moisturizing body lotion, supplement water and nutrients for the skin body.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin and minerals

winter skin prone to peeling, hand hangnails, chapped lips and other issues, in addition to water shortage, lack of vitamin is also the cause of these problems.

4, pay attention to the winter sun

although not winter sunshine point-blank, but exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin is not less than other seasons. Ice and snow reflected sunshine particularly serious harm to the skin. So winter sun protection should not be ignored.

5, enough sleep

a good night's sleep has great influence to our health, and at the same time, also has a great influence for the state of skin! Through hours of sleep, the skin will gradually Bai Tianzhong repair damage, ignore this time, the skin will be more and more serious problem. We must seize the night repair time oh!

7, massage facial skin

3 minutes each night on his hands massage facial skin, muscle, slowly along the facial muscles, blood vessels, from inside to outside massage, promote facial blood circulation, make facial cells secrete more colloid and oily, protect the skin, Except for oily and acne skin) 。 Then there is good control indoor temperature and increasing humidity.

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