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Winter skin care tips how to quickly filling water

by:Zanyu     2020-12-10
Winter climate is dry, it is difficult to control the moisture skin moisturizing, hydrating how should we pay attention to? How the skin excessive water loss? 1. More water, drink cold water to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Keep a certain amount of water, not only can effectively improve the body's metabolism and blood circulation, promote in vivo metabolite excretion, and can regulate the skin pH value, keep skin membrane stability. So do not thirsty body at water signal, such as to think of drinking water. 2. Eat more fruits, most of the girls in the winter fruit to eat less, think the weather is cold. Fruit to eat all the year round, especially in the dry winter, fruit contains vitamins and other cosmetic ingredients, can replenish and lock the skin moisture better. 3. Moisturizing emulsion, after facial cleaning in the morning, the use of long-term soymilk moisturizer, it can solve the problem of sensitive, dry skin, can also long-lasting moisture, make skin smooth, keep healthy. Remember, the emulsion to just use washing a face for 5 minutes, this time because nutrients more easily penetrate the skin and is absorbed. 4. Humidifier, relieve dry, faster method is to use a humidifier. In between the out-breath, moist air can not only improve dry skin of discomfort, still can make the skin absorb the moisture in the air while breathing. 5. Collagen, eat more foods containing collagen, this kind of food can make the skin keep better elasticity, better able to lock in moisture. Like chicken feet, pig feet, pig, cow hooves, such as beef tendon, chicken wings, 6. Good moisture essence, just before bed, clean the skin, use bean milk skin water first, again using soybean milk moisture essence, toner in advance of use can make skin better to absorb the moisture essence. After the good bean milk moisturiser, apply adequate amount to the moisture essence on the face massage, can also gently to the absorption of skin better and faster. 7. , winter sleep more adequate sleep, due to the influence of natural factors, human and natural ecology, winter day short night long, people sleep time should also be increased accordingly. Sleep in the skin to better absorb before bedtime to wipe a good skin hydrating products, better metabolism.
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