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Winter what to pay attention to apply face film?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-21

apply face film in winter too cold do? Can dip in with apply toner before apply face film take skin water scrubbing the skin, it can make skin suitable temperature, also can have secondary cleaning, more conducive to the absorption of skin care products. Winter apply face film, then, to pay more attention to what?

according to skin type and require the use of mask winter skin is easy to dry, less water moisture to the skin care is the key of the winter. When choosing a facial mask on, proposed based on own skin type choose appropriate own hydrating mask, give skin drink enough water is the key to reject all kinds of skin problems caused by the standard.

mask appropriate heating film of face of the cold winter, cold can moderate heat before apply face film, film of face of the whole bag into a hot water invasion bubble, pay attention to is not suitable for high temperature, the heating is not only the heat. More conducive to absorption and application.

warm water wash a face to promote absorption wash with warm water can not only alleviate relieve skin irritation, skin cleaning and also can be more good skin cleansing. Before apply face film with warm water cleansing can further improve the skin absorption ability to work.

winter how to apply face film?

1, face steamer steaming using mask face feel winter too cold do? Why don't you before apply face film evaporate face, it can assist the facial skin temperature increased, and the pores of the skin can be left entricular (l), will be conducive to the skin to absorb the mask.

2, face film heating application of hydrating and moisturizing hydrating mask goods can use the following 45 degrees of water invasion, heating can be about five minutes. Temperature not high in case of damaged mask OEM skin care effects.

3, apply face film in the high-temperature environment in winter is too cold to apply face film at room temperature sufficient natural environment to apply face film, such as central air conditioning room, this kind of natural environment in night will speed up the blood, and is beneficial to the skin pores open, the other is more conducive to improve skin absorption effect.

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