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Women knowledge necessary cosmetic identification

by:Zanyu     2020-10-20
Women necessary cosmetic knowledge in cosmetics on the market category is various, composition but also uneven, so how to discern the stand or fall of the cosmetics? Most MM lack, just look at the below page, share identification method. 1, cleanser, a light faint scent, squeeze out water should be in harmony, no greasy feeling, burn, the cleanser into a spoon, splashes oil, it is not a good cleanser, if more burn more like milk that is a good cleanser. 2, make up water, after shakes the bubble, bubble less means less nutrition; Bubble is much and big, that contains salicylic acid, salicylic acid cleaning effect is good, but stimulating allergy; Bubble a lot of very fine and soon disappear, and alcohol, not suitable for long-term use, easy to damage the skin's protective film, bubble exquisite and rich with a thick layer, and lingering is good make up water, and good quality toner soft taste, poor quality water use was cool and refreshing feeling, some smell of alcohol, usually have color toner, improper storage locations, often by sunlight or storage time is too long, the color will become weak, had better not buy toner bottle opaque, unable to identify. 3, emulsion, good product composition is pure, without strong spices to suppress odor products, if the emulsion into clean water, float on the water proof contained containing oilstone ester ( Cosmetics do not recommend use) ; Shakes the into a milky white water that contains emulsifier, such cosmetics is bad, if the fall in the water emulsion to sink to the bottom, prove that do not contain oilstone ester, oilstone ester can damage the skin and cause skin dry lack water, is also the main reason for the clogged pores, use for a long time will be more and more large pores. 4, cream, put a little in common a spoon in a fire, burn down if there is black residue to prove that it is a variety of additives, the more the more residue that additives, conforming cream would like milk boiling formation of the state, will not change and more flavour is full-bodied, if burning have a splash, emit smoke, taste become Moscow, after burning ladle bottom residual oil, mineral oil paint or boride filling. Moisturizing products a lot is made of mineral oil, the product coating on paper and later wipe off excess, if wet paper will wrinkle, if is mineral oil system will find is transparent, can also take the product packed in iron spoon, then the following heating with fire, if contain mineral oils that oil will come out, cream jars, if fill in good technology, texture meticulous will appear even and clean the surface of the finished product form, there will be no big holes. 5, essence, essence when buying must observe color and shape, if found that the phenomenon such as turbidity and precipitate, discoloration, such essence can no longer use, oily, acne prone to infection, such as the skin must be carefully, when consumer is buying essence choose anti-inflammatory, antiseptic essence is good for you to buy. 6, foundation, apply adequate amount in the water the reaction was observed, usually appear three scenarios, glue at the edge of the cup, floating on the surface of the water, sink in the bottom of the cup, illustrates the contained elements, good product non-stick cup edge, not floating, not sink to the bottom of the cup, sticking to the cup is on the side of the zoo, floating on the surface of the water is mineral oil, heavy at the bottom of the cup is heavy.
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