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Xiaobian teaches you a few tips about cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2021-05-03
Every human body has its own biological clock, and at the same time, every person's skin also has its own schedule of work and rest. If the beauty care can be matched with the skin's natural work and rest moments, it can exert its maximum effect. The face mask is the love of the ladies who love beauty. You must know that the face mask can effectively achieve skin whitening, moisturizing, hydrating and other effects, but you know when the mask is best, when is the best time to apply the mask, and what is the best time to apply the mask? For those who pay attention to skin quality and timing, below, the editor of Guangzhou Factory tells you the eight points of attention when using facial masks to double the effect of facial masks. 1. Before going to bed at night is the best time to make a mask. The metabolism of the human body is at a low point in the day at night, and cell growth and repair activities are most vigorous during this time, so the skin's ability to absorb nutrients will also be strengthened. , Choosing this time at night, plus the steps to make the mask correctly, will help the nutrients in the mask to be transferred to the bottom of the skin with the metabolism, so as to achieve the best OEM skin care effect. So usually after taking a shower at night, you can start to make a mask. At this time, the skin relaxes and the pores are opened, which can more fully absorb the nutrition of the mask. Of course, after washing your face, steam your face and apply again, the effect is the same.  2. The effect of applying a mask in the first week after the menstrual period is doubled.   Is there any feeling like: After the menstrual period, the complexion changes, the skin is good, and the effect of skin care products is also obvious. This is because the first week after the menstrual period is the follicular phase. The levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood gradually rise, the skin is full of blood, and the metabolism is strong. During this period, the skin has the best absorbency. Use facial masks, essences, etc. Concentration skin care products, such as Yaxin Anna Whitening and Repairing Factor Series. Harvest more nutrition, make skin better and better. In addition to basic skin care steps during this period, you can boldly increase the frequency of exfoliation, because the skin is the strongest in the follicular phase. Every two to three days, use a facial mask or exfoliating cream to do a deep cleansing to quickly brighten the skin. , The absorption power is improved by one step. 3. Make sure that the skin is clean and moist before applying the mask. Only by thoroughly removing the oil, sebum and aging cutin on the surface of the skin can the skin be truly clean, the cell division of the basal layer will become active, and the skin will absorb more nutrients . Therefore, before applying the film, you should remove your makeup, wash your face, and exfoliate if necessary. At the same time, moist skin can absorb moisture and nutrients better, so before applying the mask, be sure to keep the skin moist. For dry skin, you can apply some lotion first, but if you apply a hot towel to the face for 3 minutes and then apply the mask, the pores will be affected. When you open it, the skin can absorb the essence of the mask and enhance the effect of applying the face. 4. The mask should not be too thin. A high-quality mask can tightly absorb and lock the maximum amount of nutrients. The thicker mask not only ensures that the nutrients are not thin, but also allows the skin temperature to rise effectively when applied to the face, promote blood circulation, and better diffuse the infiltrated nutrients between the tissues. The warming effect will also soften the skin's keratin and expand the pores, allowing the dirt accumulated inside to be better discharged. Of course, it’s not as thick as possible, it’s almost as thick as there are no missing corners!   5. Different skin types can choose a mask with different effects for dehydration: symptomatic hydration, gel-like sleeping mask and light fabric type Any of the masks can be used. Before applying it, use warm water and steam to open the pores, which will help soften the keratin and absorb moisture.   Mild skin: It is recommended to repair the facial mask, which not only moisturizes the skin, but also takes into account the replenishment of collagen and the repair of elastic fibers. Before use, you can apply the lifting firming essence. After the mask is covered, a confined space is formed on the face, which is more helpful for the penetration of the essence. Problematic skin: If your skin has obvious problems such as fine lines, dryness and roughness, you should choose the essence to accelerate the skin's nutrient and moisture replenishment. 6. After the mask, pay attention to clean up the residue. After removing the mask, apply clean warm water to leave the residue on the face Wash the material, and then apply a cold towel to the face for a while to shrink the pores, and finally apply moisturizing cosmetics. Be sure to pay attention to the astringent steps. Some cleansing or exfoliating masks may cause skin damage if handled carelessly. The skin care effect can only be achieved if the skin care method is correct, so when it is not appropriate to make a facial mask, you also need to know.
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